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Cre-Asian in south bend, in vegan options

Tucked alongside a street in South Bend, Indiana is a restaurant called Cre-Asian.  It is a few minutes from the University of Notre Dame campus and serves mainly Vietnamese food but also caters to Thai and Japanese too.  I found this restaurant on a whim while driving around one day and knew they had me hooked when I read “pho”.  As you all know I am a big Pho Addict!  Click the link below to read about this restaurant and find out about the vegan options available.

The first time we attempted to eat on location, it was completely full.  It has a minimal amount of tables and most of the time during dinner hours, it is full.  Genki Husband and I had just finished an hour strength training workout at the gym so we were hungry- we didn’t want to wait.  So we ordered take-out. Since this first trip we have attempted to eat in a few more times with only a success once.  So you might want to order take-out unless you’re feeling lucky.

Cre-Asian Vietnamese Restaurant South Bend, IN Vegan Options Of course we had to test out their vegetable spring rolls. Note: there are egg rolls but they are not vegan. One serving contains two mini spring rolls filled with a few rice noodles and piece or two of carrot. On the side is a sweet red sauce.  These were okay but really not filled with much so basically you are eating oil and a wonton wrapper.  We have only ordered this the first time, we wouldn’t highly recommend it.

Cre-Asian Vietnamese South Bend, IN vegan options The above spring rolls we ate in the car – yes we are those people that are too hungry to make it home. But hey, we earned it after the hour gym workout right? Is that sad? This is our stash for two people.  Can you guess what we ordered?

cre-asian vietnamese restaurant vegan options in south bend, in Yep, I ordered the pho and GH ordered curry with tofu. The South Bend Tribune apparently raved about the pho at this establishment so I knew I had to try it. GH is of course addicted to curry, so that wasn’t a surprise either.

Cre-Asian South Bend, IN vegan options Satay Pho was something new to me, I’ve never seen this on a menu before… anyone else seen this? Satay is not new but the combination of Satay sauce and Rice noodles was until now. I have to say this was something new to me but I know I will not be ordering it again. It is very thick, sweet and powerful. If you can’t live a day without having a bag of peanuts, I highly suggest this dish. Otherwise I might not suggest it for your first bowl of pho soup. I ordered mine spicy (much to the surprise of our waitress, why?). She tried to talk me out of it actually. I ended up putting tons of sriracha in it because the peanut flavor was overpowering and I had to calm it down with sriracha. Again, my opinion so maybe some of you would love it – but I was not one of those people and I haven’t seen anyone else order it yet.

So our review of this restaurant it rather mixed.  The pho is tasty (except the satay in my opinion) but if I were suggesting my friends to a pho restaurant I would have to suggest Bowl of Pho.  It is only a few miles away from this restaurant but the broth is smoother, a bit more flavor and contains more filing toppers for vegans.  The curry is probably our #1 choice at this restaurant – even though it is known in the area for the pho.

Please note:  You are served more food when you dine in compared to take-out.  I would say you are served 1/2 the amount when you order take-out dishes.  So if you are super hungry and a rare table is free, go for dining in for more food for your dollar.  We would suggest this restaurant if eating curry to our friends! Or to those that want a very short drive from the University of Notre Dame campus.

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If you dine here, or already have, please let me know your opinion in the comments.  Everyone has a different experience, I would love to hear from you all.  Additionally, if you decide to go please tell them Genki Kitty sent you!