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bowl of pho restaurant review mishawaka, indiana vegan

So we did it again, we went to Bowl of Pho in Mishawaka just recently upon my multiple requests.  Do you remember when I first talked about it here?  There is just something about pho that really hits the stomach when you are cold and want something super warm and tasty.  See what we found this time around for vegans.

lemongrass tofu bowl of pho mishawaka, indiana

Genki Husband wanted to test out something new this time around instead of his normal curry. So, he went for the lemongrass tofu. It is around the same price as the pho. It comes with two large pieces of tofu marinated and deep fried (I think) in infused oil. On the side is brown rice, sweet Vietnamese pickles and a few vegetables. It was really tasty but one must be talented with chopsticks (such as our waiter found out we were after watching us for about ten minutes) to slice through the tofu. It will serve about one hungry person.

Pho from Bowl of Pho in Mishawaka, indiana vegan

Yep, I had Pho. I would actually eat this everyday if I could, I just love it! For those of you whom have never had pho, it is a light spice broth with rice noodles at the bottom. Since we order ours from the vegan selection, we get tofu. On the side are bean sprouts, jalapenos, Thai basil and cilantro. Everything is tossed in and served piping hot. Mmmmm It was delicious again!

This time around we were delighted in the food.  The server was a bit creepy though since while we were eating he stood at the end of our table and watched us eat with chopsticks.  I wanted to tell him I had lived in Japan and chopsticks aren’t anything new but I was nice and let him get his entertainment.  Anyone else have this happen before?