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Walking on Frozen Lake Michigan in Winter 2015

Winter has been an all out adventure for us two this year seeing as we moved to the North from Virginia.  The area we reside in Indiana is at the very bottom of Lake Michigan.  This means when a storm exits Chicago, Illinois it will travel down the lake and create an even bigger storm.  It means our weather is about 2-3x that of Chicago.  Genki Husband and I are adventurers at heart though and can not stand being trapped inside the entire winter so we had to get out and about a few weeks ago.  We actually tried this trip to Michigan City, Indiana on Valentine’s Day but if you are a loyal reader you know what happened on that date.  Click below to see more photos of our frozen Lake Michigan walk (on the water) and our shopping expedition.

South Bend, Indiana on a sunny winter day

The day started out on a much better note than our last attempt to go to Michigan City, Indiana. There is still snow but the sun was out and it looked like a picture-perfect type of day.

Michigan City Lighthouse Outlet Mall Indiana

This is Michigan City Lighthouse Outlet Malls just off the bottom of Lake Michigan. Although this looks small, this is just the entrance, the large building in the photo is just the visitors center to give you an idea. Make sure you go on a nice day though, since the mall is an outdoor walking mall, not an indoor one that is traditional in America. To see more information click here.

Frozen Lake Michigan 2015

After a full day of shopping (we purchased a few things but nothing too exciting to show in a haul), we went over to Lake Michigan to see the frozen lake. This is actually the lake, not land.

Walking on Frozen Lake Michigan, Indiana 2015

The lake has many waves normally so when the water freezes, it makes these frozen ridges. When you walk around these formations one has to be very careful because there are holes down to the water that is not frozen.  This is actually not 100% safe so please do not try this if you aren’t sure about taking the risk.

Walking on Frozen Lake Michigan 2015

Here is a closeup view of the water that has been pushed up thanks to the waves. To the left of the peak there is actually a hole.

Walking on Lake Michigan Indiana 2015

The entire time we were walking out on Lake Michigan I kept thinking it looked like we were on a different planet. It was super quiet as there were no birds or other wildlife.

Walking on Lake Michigan 2015

Finally when we reached the edge of the frozen section of the lake we saw that the waves were breaking up the deeper parts. To the left of this photo there is broken up ice that has frozen temporarily. This section could not be walking on because not all of it was frozen.

Walking on Lake Michigan Indiana

When we were walking we kept looking at the lighthouse which does have a long boardwalk. We went a bit farther than the lighthouse on our lake walk. Oh, these are ice peaks, not land.

Michigan City, Indiana

After shopping and walking on a lake, we were knackered and wanted to have a nice dinner out on the town in Michigan City. We both have traveled to Michigan City tons of times for shopping but to tell you the truth, we have never been to the downtown parts. There is not much to see but what is in the town, it is very cute and typical small-town America. If you live in a large metropolitan, you will love this area.

We ended up going to a lovely tapas style Mediterranean restaurant but I will write all about that in another post soon.  Hopefully you all enjoyed our adventures shopping and walking on Lake Michigan.