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Vegan Tofu Meatloaf RecipeLately I have been really feeling the winter depression hard – I guess this is what we call the Dog Days of Winter right?  It’s the last month or so of winter that I really start to feel the blues the hardest – I’m really not a winter person as you all probably know already after all my winter complaining. ha-ha I just read in the South Bend weather app that spring is on its way so hopefully all of you will not have to listen to my complaints anymore.  Just not yet…  So as a trade-off, I’ll share the food we have been having lately along with the recipes.

Tofu Meatloaf Vegan Recipe

This is tofu meatloaf that I decided to make for Genki Husband since he has been working so hard lately at work. He is such a great employee and I’m not just saying that because he’s my partner in crime. He really cares about his employer and works triple hours just to make sure everything is just right to assure success of the company. I love his dedication and wanted to express my gratitude for his hard work with one of his all-time favorite meals. This was a new recipe that I found that looked super delicious in the original Pinterest photo. Now I did not follow the recipe 100% because I didn’t read the directions first, oops. I did not grind everything up but I tried. Let me first start by saying I hate, yes hate, meatloaf but I got the man’s reponse to share with all of you. He loved this recipe as far as taste. Unfortunately it did take about 2 hours to bake which I normally do not have time for waiting. Additionally it did not stick together and does cost a bit of money for the ingredients. But the taste is good. So if you have the time and money, I would suggest this recipe. For me, I think I will be lazy, cheap and just make a tvp meatloaf instead. But it is still a winner. Recipe Here.

vegan coconut flour pancakes

So on the other hand, this is a pinterest failure in our household. Let me first state that while something does not work in my kitchen, it might work in yours. These are vegan coconut flour pancakes made early in the morning before G.K went to work. I could not get these to stick together and be able to be flipped – no matter what! Sadly there was a bit of yelling in the early morning… oops. I even tried to add some white flour to the batter and nope, still did not work. Genki Husband said it did taste good but the texture and the frustration with trying to get it to flip was not worth it for us. Coconut flour is not the cheapest, so if you can have gluten go ahead and make traditional flour pancakes. Again, this recipe might work in your kitchen, just not in ours. Recipe Here.

Granola Peanut Butter Breakfast Wrap Recipe

To put trust back into Pinterest, this is a breakfast recipe that really worked out great. I actually made two of these wraps for Genki Husband before he left for work because sometimes he does not get to eat lunch until 1-2pm. So I fill him up before he leaves- true German style. G.K. asked for this again so I guess it was a success. I would highly suggest not using Trader Joe’s tortillas though because they are too thick and not bendable anymore (when did they change the recipe?). Note: This has peanut butter, banana, granola and a little bit of love. Perfect! Recipe Here.

Vegan Breakfast Wrap Recipe

Another image that is up close. It’s hard to get photos this time of year in our new condo in the morning and the evening. I’m thinking about getting a budget so I can afford to purchase some lighting for photo taking but considering I do this blog for no money in return, it is hard to find the budget. I will work something out though.


Chickpea and Butternut Squash Curry Recipe Vegan

Chickpea and Butternut Squash Curry – yes please!!! Tip: organic squash is very inexpensive almost all year around in the states. In the northern states of the USA, it is really affordable since it can be grown well into the cold months. This is the perfect recipe for the cold winter months. So delicious! It is super easy to put together and you just let it sit while you do other things such as cleaning the dishes. Recipe Here.

Chickpea and Butternut Squash Curry Recipe

Add some rice and you can make a full meal. So delicious! You can freeze this too and it works like a champ!

Tofu Kale Saag Recipe Vegan

Tofu Kale Saag Recipe revisited again and again. We love this recipe so much and the main ingredient is kale – who wouldn’t love this recipe. Yum! Recipe Here.

Kalamazoo Food Co-op Vegan Option

Something I found at the Kalamazoo Food Co-op in Kalamazoo Michigan. A few months ago I had to take my father to the hospital last minute (for an outpatient surgery appointment) and I was without food. The procedure took the entire day so I ran over to the Kalamazoo Food Co-op which is right near the hospital and bought this sandwich. I was a bit worried it was not going to be filling enough but surprising it was super delicious and filled me up for about 4 hours. I would definitely buy again and suggest to friends. Yum!

Kalamazoo Food Co-op in Kalamazoo Michigan Vegan Options

A view of the side of the sandwich. Sorry I was in a hurry so did not have time to show you what it looked like unwrapped. It was again, super delicious and I would purchase again.

Tofurky Vegan Pizza

Tofurky Mushroom and Sausage Vegan Pizza. These are available in our local Whole Foods Market grocery store in the frozen section. If you are unsure where to purchase in your area, the Tofurky website has a locator for stores. While I would not say these are comparable to homemade pizzas, these are a nice option in a pinch. The crust is very thin and toppings are minimal though. I would suggest buying a few more toppings such as avocado, kale and garlic to place on top of this already prepared pizza for more flavor. In our stores, these are about $10-15.00 each.

Vegan Breakfast 80/10/10

Vegan Breakfast for 1: 2 bananas, 2 dates, 4 clementines, 1 cup cranberry juice, and coffee. I also had a few more bananas for a snack in mid-morning.

Oatmeal for breakfast - peanut butter raisin

Another Vegan Brekkie: Oatmeal cooked with unsweetened almond milk, raisins, 1 tsp sugar and 1 tbsp peanut butter. I’m not a big oatmeal fan because it really does not fill me up the entire morning. But that’s okay because there are always snacks in the morning.

Leftover Vegan lunch with refried beans

Vegan lunch of leftovers: leftover veggies of raw tomatoes, steamed broccoli, steamed potatoes, refried beans, chia seed tortilla and sriracha.

Vegan Lunch of Leftovers

Vegan Leftover Lunch: baked potatoes, refried beans, tomatoes, organic mixed greens, steamed broccoli sprinkled with nutritional yeast.

Vegan Nice Cream

Another vegan nice cream of bananas, coconut water and some coconut sugar. Perfect breakfast. Mmmm I can not get enough of these!

Vegan lunch of rice leftovers

Vegan Lunch of leftovers: Japanese rice made with hijiki (seaweed), mixed frozen veggies, and a few pieces of vegan Smart Dog hot dog. Sprinkle with some nutritional yeast and you have the most delicious lunch.

Imagine Soup for Vegans

Vegan Imagine Potato and Leek soup from Whole Foods Market. I added homemade bread with some peanut butter for a full meal. To see the soup container, go to my grocery haul photos. I have also seen this soup in other stores, just not in our direct area.

Quinoa Mixed Veggie Vegan Meal

Simple dinner I put together while Genki Husband was away for work. This is leftover quinoa mixture from Whole Foods (I think it has millet, barley and quinoa), frozen veggies, 1 med zucchini, halved cherry tomatoes, kale, 1 tbsp soy sauce and sprinkled with nutritional yeast. It looks like a lot but when you eat an entire meal of vegetables and whole grains, you get to eat more for less calories.

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed looking at all the photos of my tossed together meals as of late.  If there is anything you would like to see in upcoming blogs, please let me know, thanks.