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Vegan Pasta made with corn pastaHere’s another installment of what I have been eating – the backup files.  I did not forget to pass along all these photos for you that are awaiting for your entertainment.  Starting with a very simple dinner that just about anyone can make at home or in a dorm room.  See more recipes, photos and instructions after the button below…

easy corn pasta dish

Remember when I talked about the corn pasta that I have fallen in love with lately. Well, this is a dish that I whipped together from Trader Joe’s Marinara sauce (with garlic, onion and a few spices) tossed together with this Corn Pasta from Meijer’s. There are a lot of other non-GMO pasta brands available if you do not have live in my direct location. I love the option of different pastas made from different ingredients. Tip: to make pasta in the microwave simply add water and the pasta in a dish and microwave for a few minutes until the pasta boils. Then turn off the microwave and let the pasta sit covered or in the microwave for about five minutes or until the pasta is al dente. It’s really that easy! Or you can pour hot water over the top of dry pasta and cover with a plate and wait it out until the pasta is soft. Mix everything together and you have a meal in 15 minutes or less.

vegan tuna salad

Yep, I made it again… I have such a craving for vegan ‘tuna’ all the time. It’s nice because it is perfect on top of a salad or on bread for a sandwich. Super delicious!

80/10/10 recipe for 'chezy' vegan potatoes

80/10/10 recipe for ‘chezy’ vegan potatoes that is fat free. Lately I have been eating this a lot because it’s easy and warm. Potatoes do have carbs but please do not fall into the category of thinking carbs are bad – they give our bodies energy. I received this recipe from here.  I use the ‘chez’ sauce and just stir in cooked, diced potatoes and there you have it.  I don’t bother with baking since it has the same texture and flavor.  Mmmm

80/10/10 Cheese potato wrap recipe

This is how I made the above dish into a full meal. I actually had a full romaine lettuce head (or Cos if you are in the UK or AU) and placed the chez potatoes in each leaf to make a healthy wrap. Then I had a little leftover vegan taco mixture which you can see below for the recipe.  Sounds gross but is really delicious – more of a bland chez dinner.

Cheesy potatoes 80/10/10

Again with the same recipe above but I put in mixed frozen vegetables in the cheese sauce to make it more nutrient enriched. Lately I have been using a lot of frozen mixed vegetables because the price is right and because it’s winter so fresh vegetables are hard to come by this time of year.

Raw vegan tacos

Raw vegan dinner that we have been eating for about 10 years now. We actually went 100% raw vegan before going vegan. One day we just stopped and went raw vegan – no questions asked. This dish does have a good amount of fat in it but it’s healthy fat so please do not be afraid. The recipe can be found here on this site.  I have no idea where I got this recipe so I don’t feel comfortable posting it here.  It contains no walnuts but rather 2 avocados.  If you want the recipe I will share, just let me know.

raw vegan tacos

And again for lunch the next day. Super tasty and filling since it contains healthy fat.

potato 80/10/10 dinner

Vegan dinner that was simple after a workout. Sometimes my stomach is very sore after a workout and I can’t eat much (that’s why I love large lunches since we workout in the evening). This is steamed potatoes and BBQ chickpeas.

Vegan English Muffin Bread

Yep, I made more homemade vegan English Muffin bread. We can not get enough of this around our household. I like to make a large batch and then freeze extras.