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beauty of grapefruitThere are still a million and one photos I have to update ya’ll with so I figured I would post another part of the “what I’ve been eating” lately blogs.  Do you guys like these photo blogs?  Or would you rather me slowly catch with with less content in each blog?  Just let me know what you think in the comments section, thanks.  On to the photos with ingredients and/or recipes.

how to save money on fruit

God just created the best energy in the world didn’t He? Fruit is just the best for the body – it’s like a energy bar mixed with a sweet candy all at the same time. I can’t wait until it’s summer again for fresh fruit and veggies! Lately I have been eating a lot of fruit and I am loving it. I feel so alive and full of energy. Some people talk mention they don’t purchase fruit because it goes back before they can consume it all. Here’s my tip: buy as much fruit as you like so it’s available when you need something to eat. It helps save your waistline in the long run. When the fruit starts to appear as if it’s getting a bit too ripe, go ahead and clean, dry and trim off all the stems. Then go ahead and place in a container that seals and place in the freezer. We do this with a lot of fruit and then we use the frozen fruit in smoothies. Saves money in the long run.

vegan snack of fruit

Vegan snack time: Lately I have been trying to eat real foods instead of packaged ones. This is a snack of mine: strawberries, grapes and tomatoes. Yes, I mixed tomatoes with my fruits. I know, I know, fruit combination is important but this does not have an issue on my stomach. Sometimes with fruit combining you have to listen to your body – not everyone can eat the same fruits together without stomach issues. So test it out and see what your body loves.

80/10/10 breakfast idea

Vegan Breakfast: a few oranges, some grapes, a banana and some coffee. I also had a few more bananas. When you eat fruit for a meal you really do have to have a ton of it – don’t skimp out.

80/10/10 breakfast

Vegan breakfast or lunch: I really can’t remember which one it was but it goes for either. There is a ton of grapes and a banana nice cream topped with coconut sugar. So delicious! If you haven’t tested nice cream out – go to your kitchen!

80/10/10 Nice Cream Breakfast

Another breakfast: Sorry are you getting tired of these fruit breakfast photos. To me they are gorgeous and super tasty. This is a few oranges, a strawberry and a banana nice cream with coconut sugar on top.

how to make nice cream

Have I ever mentioned how to make nice cream? Mmm, I think it slipped my mind. It’s super easy. Take some frozen bananas, some other fruit if desired such as strawberries, a little filtered water and blend it away until creamy. It will have a ice cream texture if you don’t use much water. Then I like to top mine with coconut sugar since it’s so delicious. Mmm

Vegan burrito recipe for dorm rooms

Thought I was going to just post fruit photos today didn’t you?! ha-ha Almost I have to say it was looking like that to me too. But at last I wanted to post this burrito recipe because it is super easy that just about anyone can make it. These can be make in any room, even a dorm room if you choose to do so. These are tortillas splattered with some Trader Joe’s fat-free refried beans and topped with vegan Daiya cheese. Trader Joe’s also has a vegan cheese option but it doesn’t taste like cheese so I highly suggest Daiya if you can find it. A little goes a long way… Then I like to place mine in a microwave to warm everything up. Simple! I then use a ton of sriracha on top… When available I place salad on top of this too. Done.

vegan chili con frioles

Mmm Tempeh Chili Con Frijoles is the perfect way to end a cold winter evening and the perfect way to end a blog. You can see this recipe on my blog with a video of how to make it.

Chili con frijoles dinner

Just another image of how I put this chili into a full meal. Take a large bowl of chili, a salad with homemade vegan ranch dressing and 1/2 a avocado to put on top of the chili. Full meal!

That’s it for now – maybe part 3 I will post some more full meals without fruit.  Come back again for the installment of 3.