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persimmon dessert

Frozen Persimmon – for a dessert!

Lately I have been so busy and have missed out on sharing a lot of meals with all of you.  Unless of course you follow me on Instagram- which I post to daily.  If you ever want to see just about everything that goes into my mouth, you can see it there on my account.  Lately I have been following the 80/10/10 type of lifestyle a bit more than normal seeing as Genki Husband has been away on many trips since coming to Indiana.  It’s funny how a company states you will not have much travel and then once started it becomes aware there is more travel than first thought.  It’s okay though, I get to eat more raw vegan food than normal.  (He loves his cooked foods.)  So sit back and take a gander at all the meals I have been devouring lately.  Warning: Picture intense!

Vegan Lunch

The thing about 80/10/10 is you get to eat a ton of fruit and it does not make your sugar levels go up in your body. You will work off the carbs that are associated with the sugars (Yep, there are diabetics that have been cured by going 80/10/10). This was a lunch of mine (I also ate snacks): strawberries, apples, pineapple and miso soup (for probiotics).

80/10/10 Breakfast Idea

A breakfast of fruit! 1/2 pineapple, blood orange, 1 apple. The idea with 80/10/10 is you eat tons of fruit (as much as you want) and then burn it off throughout the day. I have to say I’m not much for eating just bananas all day long but I do love a meal of fruit to tide me over until the next meal.

80/10/10 Breakfast Idea

So I’m sure a lot of you 80/10/10’ers out there are saying – “whoa you shouldn’t mix your fruits” but I love to live dangerously. I don’t follow any certain lifestyle 100% because I listen to what my body likes and how I run off the food best. Food is fuel and it should make your body get through the day without being hungry or tired. This was a 3 banana nice cream with some coconut sugar on top, 2 oranges, 3 strawberries and my necessary coffee for the morning.

Whole Foods Market Vegan Bread

Just so you don’t think all I eat is fruit, here is another breakfast that I have fallen in love with since moving here. We do not have a Trader Joe’s (enter major dramatic sigh) but we do have a Whole Foods Market nearby in Mishawaka, Indiana. We have found a lot of their breads are vegan, including this 7-grain bread. I think that was the name. If you have a Whole Foods Market nearby you can check out all the ingredients listed on each bread – or simply ask and most people will know what is vegan and what is not. This looked very “seedy” but it was actually very tasty. It reminds me of a whole grain bread we used to get in Australia mixed with the American Ezekiel bread in the frozen section of grocery stores. Delicious! I love either vegan butter or vegemite (usually the later). Normally I have a good amount of them.

Trader Joe's Vegan Bagels

Speaking of Trader Joe’s here is a bagel that we purchased in a tube of six. Genki Husband really loves bagels (I could do without them) but he tends to purchase them to freeze for future breakfasts. A toaster oven is a lifesaver when you want to have a fast frozen breakfast before work. This was a cranberry Harvest Bagel (not sure of the exact name) but it has rather healthy ingredients. It contains cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds and so on. He said he really loved them.

Fruit for breakfast?

There is a misconception that is going around that a person can live off from 1 banana or just a few little clementines for breakfast. This is so bad for your body though, you seriously need to fill your body with healthy amounts of nutrients and calories to make it through a day without taxing your body too much. Sure you may feel okay with 1 banana for breakfast but what you may not see is you are hurting your metabolism and your internal organs for the future. Your blood results may come out okay now but you will see in the future how terrible this is on your body. So I highly suggest if you are going to eat fruit for a meal you do it right with lots of it! This is one breakfast and then I also had a few more bananas in the morning for a snack. No I do not gain weight when I eat this much fruit and my sugar is not a problem.

80/10/10 breakfast

Another example of how much fruit I eat in the morning (minus another 2 bananas). This is 1/2 grapefruit, 4 oranges, 4 strawberries, a banana and some coffee. Perfect!

Simple one-pot lunch of nutrients

See, I eat cooked too. This is a lunch I made for myself a few times already and just love it. A simple trick to getting all the nutrients throughout the day is to eat a variety of different fruits and vegetables. This is basic Japanese white rice (it’s just as healthy as brown rice) on the bottom with mixed veggies sauteed on top with a little sprinkle of nutritional yeast. Simple!

fruit snack

This is a basic snack of mine that I love – normally with an addition of another banana or two! I’m not sure where the idea that a person can’t eat a ton of fruit because it has too much “sugar” and too many carbs. This is false because I eat a ton of fruit and I am not gaining weight. I am not even 5 foot tall so my calories needs are much lower than the normal person but still I can eat all this fruit and have no issues at all!

Seems like a lot of photos to intake, I will leave it here and save more for another addition to this blog posting.  So more photo and meal ideas coming soon!