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Broccoli and Rice One pot dish veganAnyone else do this too?  You setup an entire week of menu items, buy all the ingredients and then not feel like any of the entrees when the day comes for it to be on the menu?  Hopefully I’m not the only one that does this too since it happens quiet often in our household.  This dish was inspired by the broccoli that was sitting in our fridge awaiting to be placed in a pre-planned entree but I didn’t feel like making that week.  It was the perfect solution for an easy dinner night after a workout at the gym.  Basically you can prepare everything before you go to the gym and reheat when you get home.  So easy for busy people.

Broccoli Chickpea Dinner- so easy to toss together after a gym workout

Just a closeup – because a one-pot dish is worth another view…

As for the taste, it was absolutely prefect for a nice calm night after a gym.  Sometimes I get home after a harder workout and my stomach just does not feel up to a heavy spiced up dinner…  sometimes I can’t even eat but that is another story all together.  Either way, this is a great one-pot dish that you can make ahead, tastes great and leaves enough for leftovers the next day.  Winner!

Broccoli 'n Rice One Pot Dinner  Vegan Recipe

Yep, worth another view. You can really see the whole-grain mustard seeds in this dish with this view. It actually is rather pretty though to tell you the truth with some seeds. I guess it makes the dish feel a bit more ‘fancy’ with the seeds peeking around on the top. Maybe you could just sprinkle a few on top for appearance if you want to make this “fancy” one night. Your family members or friends will think you did a lot more than actual.

To view the original recipe, please go click on over to 86 Lemons.  It was a crazy busy day so I just kept everything the same as the original.  The only difference in appearance is the mustard since I use a whole-grain mustard from Trader Joe’s instead of traditional American yellow mustard.  I would probably suggest using Dijon ground mustard instead of whole-grain (which is all we have in our house) since the flavor did not come out as nice as it probably would with ground.  Other than that, we loved the recipe and it was so easy!

What’s your easy after workout dinner for the family?