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Sunrise over University of Notre Dame in Winter

After moving from the capital of the United States, I just adore these sunsets without obstruction.  Living in Virginia was inspiring but considering we were so close to the proximity of D.C. it was hard to see sunrise and sunsets on most days.  So now it is awe-inspiring and heart-warming to see them each day. This was just another day here in South Bend, Indiana.  It’s a city but not a large one.

San Francisco Bay coffee for the Keurig

We love San Francisco Bay coffee for the Keurig. We have tried other ‘flavors’ but never this one until this month. Each type we try, we fall in love even more. One thing we love about this company is the bottom of this k-cup is not made from plastic but rather a mesh so it’s better for the environment. It holds a nice bold flavor.

Starbucks Green Tea Latte made with coconut milk

Starbucks Green Tea Latte made with coconut milk. Did you know Starbucks has finally caught up and started to serve coconut milk? We asked for almond milk but we’re still working on that one.

Method Almond Wood Floor Cleaner

Some greener options available in most stores around the nation. This is a normal sponge (if you reuse it and clean often, these last long). I love this almond Method wood floor clean, it has a nice mild, sweet scent.

Cuisinart Dutch Oven

Cuisinart Dutch Oven, my latest addition to my kitchen. This is so heavy to move around the kitchen but it is worth it because I love it so much. I have used it quite a few times already. I love the option I can start to cook on the stove-top and then place it in the oven without having to switch to another pan. Worth the price!

iherb purchases

Lately I have been making weekly iHerb.com orders, my latest addiction. This is my latest purchase with some new items for our household. Annie’s Ketchup, TVP, Method Eucalyptus Bathroom Cleaner (doesn’t smell like eucalyptus), Vegan Chickenless Bouillon and Eucalyptus oil. I love all of these products, minus the Method cleaner. There is nothing wrong with the quality but it just seems like the price does not match the quality and there is no eucalyptus scent to it.

Meijer Corn pasta

Corn pasta I wanted to test out after seeing it in the stores. This is available in Meijer’s Grocery stores only. It is a bit more than regular pasta on the shelf but it is gluten free and made without any flour. It cooks the same as semolina pasta but it has a bit more of a calmer taste. I love this pasta but Genki Husband is not a fan. He thinks it does not have enough flavor. I continue to purchase this when he’s on business trips but when he’s home I have to purchase other types.


Okay so maybe this isn’t new to me but I am loving the option to play the trumpet again after about a year. It’s very freeing to play an instrument – anyone else out there a proud band geek?

Vegan Hot Cocoa from Kalamazoo Coffee Co.

Vegan Hot Cocoa from Kalamazoo Coffee Co. We get about ten of these each season and just love them. It’s a great vegan hot cocoa available in the winter months. It’s made from potato milk powder and has a great flavor that is very sweet and rich. All you need is to add some hot water and you have a hot steamy drink in front of you. It ranges around $9.99 a bag and it can be purchased online as well as in stores in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Mann's Organic cabbage coleslaw

Something I have fallen in love with and can’t stop buying it. Mann’s Organic cabbage/broccoli coleslaw is sold in Meijer’s Grocery Stores. It is probably intended to be mixed with coleslaw dressing but it comes with no sauce included. I love to take any salad dressing we have in the house and place it in a large bowl and mix everything together. It’s perfect! Or you can add the mixture to a soup broth and you have an instant meal. So delicious and easy!

sunset in south bend, indiana

A photo of the sunset as we were driving in our lovely new city of South Bend, Indiana. Both times of the day are just breathtaking thanks to the wide open spaces.