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Why I won't buy Whole Foods Market Tofu Again

There are always a lot of discussions around the idea of buying products from Whole Foods Market instead of more local grocery stores.  While I believe in supporting local businesses, there are not any local grocery stores that are not apart of chain stores in our area.  So, I figured I would go to the local Whole Foods Market to purchase our groceries for the week.  Things were going good for a few weeks and sure we were spending a bit more money but it was okay because we felt we were buying quality products from people that cared about their customers.  Boy was I wrong!  Click on the link to find out what happened:

Don't Buy Whole Foods Market Tofu

The tofu we had problems with that we had to toss out….

So normally we do buy our tofu from Asian markets because I prefer freshly made tofu over packaged types from chain stores.  Unfortunately there are no local Asian stores that make their own tofu so we decided to take a chance and test out this tofu from Whole Foods Market.  We purchased a few boxes (because we do tend to eat a lot of it) all well before the expiration date.

Why I won't buy tofu from Whole Foods Market again

The bag that was dripping tofu water all over our car and destroyed an entire bag of food.

We purchased a good amount of groceries totaling to a good amount of money.  When we returned home and started to carry our completely filled brown bags (we forgot our reusable ones at home) into our house.  Unfortunately as we lifted this brown bag everything fell out onto the ground smashing a lot of breakable glass items such as Apple Cider Vinegar.  Not only did our garage smell like the county fair fries for a few weeks but we had wasted a ton of money.

So I did what every other normal customer would do, check out to see what had happened and why I was drenched with apple cider vinegar and other food particles.  We found the tofu containers were not sealed completely and all of the liquid had spilled out.  You can see by the first photo here what had happened – there are brown spots where the tofu had leaked.  I contacted customer service with the issue and sent in photos of the accident that had happened.  Unfortunately there was no response and no apologies.  We were so disappointed in the tofu product defects and non-responsive customer service.  We are not sure if all the tofu containers had this issue or if it was just the batch that we had purchased from that day.  Either way, it is hard to pay good money for supposedly quality products when who knows what is getting into the tofu containers due to leaky seals.  Safe or not safe?  Guess I will never know because customer service never responded…

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