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Australian Pikelets Vegan Recipe

Yes I really am that far behind on posts this year…  almost a month behind and I feel terrible about it.  But thankfully I have kept all my photos so I can backlog everything and share with all of you here on Genki Kitty.  I think one of the reasons why I have been so slow is because I got so far behind while moving that now it is overwhelming me.  That is not going to stop me though, I am going to push through for all of you loyal Genki readers. I adore how everyone comes back here day in and day out – I thank each and everyone of you for your support.

Australian pikelet Recipe

Did you know that pikelets are made to be eaten with your fingers instead of a fork and knife? Yes, it’s true! So go ahead and use your fingers! Serve with butter or jam. We prefer to have them without anything and just take them with us in the car for a fast breakfast.

So this year we again made vegan pikelets.  Pikelets are very similar to vegan pancakes that generally speaking one could make pancakes and just call it a pikelet and not really notice the difference.  When Genki Husband and I went to Australia we stayed with our Australian family for a few days and we were made authentic Aussie Pikelets- veganized.  As you all know, Genki Husband loves pancakes so he was thrilled to be filling in another option with an Aussie one.  Aussie Mum, thank you again for sharing this cultural food with us – you are an amazing cook and woman.  We are thrilled to have you all in our lives!

Australian pancakes

Making the pikelets at home – as you can see the batter is much more thick than traditional American pancakes.

So this year I made vegan pikelets just like last year.  Click here for my recipe! It’s never too late to celebrate Aussie Day so here are some more vegan recipes you might enjoy at home any time of the year. Vegan Aussie Recipes

Australia Snack

Best thing about Australia day is you get to use these cute Aussie flags! My Aussie family sent them to me which I adore and use every year! This is a snack of fresh fruit and some Aussie tea I bought last time I was there for a visit.

Note:  Pikelets are a bit more dense than traditional American style pancakes so make sure you watch smaller children closely as they are harder to swallow.  Australian children eat them all the time so they are completely safe.  American children might believe they are the same and take too large of bites at first.  Safety first!