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Copycat Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls Veganized

Vegan Orange Sweet Rolls Recipe

Before turning vegan we used to eat these Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls all the time, just about once or twice a week.  If you live in America, you probably have seen these rolls or are addicted to them from the refrigerated section.  These rolls come in those rip and then hit against the counter/give you a terrible fright type of tubes.  Those tubes still today give me a fright! ha-ha

Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls Recipe

Trust me, these are so tasty and gorgeous looking with the frosting but really you could eat without the frosting too and be satisfied! Yum!

When I found this recipe I knew I have to convert it to vegan and make for the darling Genki Husband.  These rolls were hard to give up for him – well, it was until he found out what was in those rolls.  So when he heard I was going to be making some at home, he was thrilled.  Thankfully they turned out very similar to the original and he hoarded the entire pan for himself.  Originally I had made the batch so he could take them to work but he wanted to keep them at home in the freezer to eat every now and again.  We tend to not eat too many sweet things in the in the week but have them occasionally from the freezer.  Then once the freezer is empty we fill it up again.  It creates a more peaceful morning for me and he gets his sweet tooth filled too.

Personally I am not a sweet tooth type of person (occasionally I will want something but not normally) but Genki Husband said these were delicious.  The rolls turned out moist and the frosting was very sweet.  Actually these were almost too sweet but I’m sure there will not be too many people complaining.

My changes from the original recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction:

1 egg substituted with 1 tbsp flaxseed or 1 tbsp chiaseeds

Butter throughout recipe substituted with Earth Balance Vegan Butter

Have a recipe you want to be converted to vegan?  Send it off to me at my email on the contact me page.