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Legends of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN Vegan Options

The University of Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana, a private gated campus with a heart of gold.  No seriously, the heart of the entire campus is the Cathedral and it has a golden dome.  Okay, that might have been corny but it is true…  As new residents in South Bend, we are searching all the local areas to behold to all of you the best of the area as far as vegan options are concerned.  Genki Husband had a business meeting the other day at Legends which is located right on campus.  It is a high-level sports bar that serves many ND fans throughout the years with normally carnivorous fare.  Thankfully there are two options that are made to order and made with vegetarians and vegans in mind.  Click the link to see all your options:

University of Notre Dame Legends Vegan options

Polenta Vegetable Stack is made vegan – just make sure you mention you are vegan to assure it is made without butter.  Genki Husband said this was rather good but a bit on the bland side.  He said that it was a nice option to have available though and did not leave him stuffed to the brim even though it was made of polenta.  Everything was fresh and made to order.

Legends of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN vegan options

Although Genki Husband states he wasn’t drinking at the bar, this photo is terribly blurry. But he got the gist of it which I believe you can still read. There are two options for vegans: Skinny Portabella Tacos and Polenta Vegetable Stack. Just remind the waitstaff that you are vegan and can’t have dairy or meat products. Simple! They are very accommodating so do not feel odd to ask for your dietary requirements.

Legends at Notre Dame South Bend Indiana

Ha-ha Such a terrible photo, I’m so sorry. We have gone here a few times now for a few different concerts but unfortunately each time it has been snowy. Snow may be gorgeous to look at through a window but it is terribly hard to get a good photo of a place with street lights reflecting off from snow. 🙂 We work with what we have though – so just close your eyes a little and imagine this is a clear image.

So there you have it, you can go to the University of Notre Dame and cheer on your favorite team and have vegan food too.  We have since this first trip gone again and saw a wonderful concert done by Stephane Wrembel Trio (Paris Gypsy Jazz) in the concert bar section. The concert was amazing!  It is a gorgeous restaurant and right one campus.  So I highly suggest when it gets warmer to eat a lovely vegan dinner and go for a nice after dinner walk around campus.  It’s a beautiful campus and if you have never been here (which I had not until about two months ago) you will love it.  Tell them Genki Kitty sent you!

Legends of Notre Dame Concert South Bend IN

Sitting inside the concert area a bit early because that is how I like to do it. I’m the type of person that can not be late for anything – it makes me break out in a sweat if I’m late for something. ha-ha

Know of another vegan option in South Bend, Indiana, please let us know and we will check it out for a review.