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Vegan options at the Bowl of Pho in Mishawaka, Indiana

Moving to Indiana again was a bit scary since we have not lived here since our university days, never here in the Northern parts.  It was a time when I was vegetarian and Genki Husband was a carnivore.  So, all the restaurants are new and exciting adventures each time we go out.  For this reason, we have agreed to go out at least once a week (usually on the weekends so we don’t have to wash dishes) to test out new vegan options to create a favorite list.  Just by chance we found Bowl of Pho in Mishawaka, Indiana as we were out shopping for some household goods.

Bowl of Pho in Mishawaka, Indiana

Outside view of Bowl of Pho.  Vegan options available.

Vegan at the Bowl of Pho

Pho made vegan with vegan “meats” that are basically tofu derived.

Pho is a Vietnamese dish that is a basic vegetable broth that has been lightly infused with spices and topped with rice noodles.  The first time I heard about this dish was actually in Hawaii from my Japanese sister that was getting married on the island of Oahu.  Japanese people tend to visit Hawaii almost every few years so she had grown to know a lot of places in the area already on previous trips and even had her own favorite Pho restaurant.  Already planned to go other places, we went along without testing it there but finally had our first experience at the Loving Hut in Virginia.  We were instantly hooked!  I’ve made it a few times at home but it’s always more fun to have it at a restaurant right?

Vegan options at the bowl of pho in mishawaka, indiana

Bahn Mi – there is a little bit of tofu under the pickles.

We went into the Bowl of Pho with very little expectations because after all there is less than 1% of Asians living in this area.  Most of the restaurants have not even heard of veganism even though this is a university town.  But we were shocked to find the pho was so tasty!  Now the flavors are not as good as the Loving Hut in the D.C. area but it is pretty comparable, just a bit more bland.  We also had the Bahn Mi which was made with tofu and found it also was pretty good.  For the price I would stick to the Pho and not the Bahn Mi but that is just my opinion.  Genki Husband really loved the sandwich but he said something was missing; I had to agree with him.  But both are an option and we would suggest this locally run restaurant.

Location:  5626 Grape RD, Mishawaka, Indiana 46545 USA

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