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Garlic Ginger Soup Recipe

Moving from the South to the North is very difficult, even though I grew up in the northern states.  I guess it deals with climate changes and how the body adapts to the variances.  In the south Eastern states of the USA, the temperatures are warmer but very humid.  It’s not uncommon in the summer to be in 80F and be drenched in sweat whereas in the north 80F is perfect casual weather.  The winter is the same way, more humid compared to the dryness that is associated with winter in the northern states.  We run our humidifier all night long just to be able to breath due to this weather change.  Then there is the difference of snowfall and temperatures.  Here in the north we are having single digits and on a good day that single digit will be positive instead of negative.  We get lake effect snow here in South Bend, Indiana so we get the grunt of all weather pattern that blow through the states.

Hence we are trying to get used to the very cold winters again.  That adaptation requires a lot of tissues and a lot of soup recipes.  We found this wonderful recipe to help clear out our sinuses by using a good amount of garlic and ginger- both great for increasing the internal organs too.  We absolutely fell in love with this wonderful smelling Chinese recipe that is very easy to put together and had us speechless while eating at the dinner table.   It was an instant winner!  If you love garlic and ginger, we highly recommend this recipe.  Note:  I stuck to the original recipe but just doubled the ginger and garlic.  Simple!

Original Recipe found on Plant Based on a Budget (Click this link to recipe)

What’s your favorite soup in the winter?