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Packaged Indian Dinner Options Vegan

When the Genki Husband and I moved to Indiana a few weeks ago we were amazed at how much time it takes to get everything in order before things settle down.  Moving from quite a few different locations one might think we were used to this dishevelment and be experts but nope, nope that isn’t the case at all.  There were nights that I just could not find my way into the kitchen to cook, so unlike me I know.  But I’m human, trust me on this one.  The first week we had almost no cooking utensils or furniture so we went to the next best thing packaged food.  We could have eaten raw vegan but to tell you the truth it was a bit cold in our condo being that there was no furniture holding in the heat and it was freezing temperatures outside.  We made due though the best we could and here are a few different items we found at a local Indian restaurant and grocery store.

Sambar Vegan Indian Dinner

Sambar – this was a running soup with very few chunks of anything but nonetheless tasty. It was a bit spicy though so I would highly suggest eating this like the South Koreans eat spicy soup – with a bowl of rice. Delicious for spice lovers!

Sambar Indian Vegan Dinner

This is the soup after I made it. Forgive the tree hating paper bowl, we really did not have anything else before the moving truck came to Indiana. As you can tell, there was basically nothing in the soup as the photo suggested. It was tasty though.

Channa Masala Dinner Vegan

This is something Genki Husband loves- Channa Masala. He actually makes it at home and orders it out. He just can’t get enough chickpeas.

Vegan Channa Masala

As you can tell there is a good amount of chickpeas in this dish. The paper bowl was almost 1/2 full – it was a small amount so if you were thinking of eating this alone I would highly suggest a package of rice to go along with it. Genki Husband really liked this dish, he said he would purchase it again.

Veg Biryani Vegan Indian Dinner

Veg Biryani which is basically a flavored rice dish. This was supposed to come with a ton of vegetables inside the dish so we thought we would have a starch carb and vegetable all in one dish. Note: Sorry about the blurriness- I guess you can tell how hungry I was as I was taking the photos. haha

Veg Biryani Rice Vegan Dinner Indian

After coming out of the box this is what the shape was and it stuck like this throughout the microwave process. It did have some vegetables so we were thankful but really there was no much so one would have to add more to call it a vegetable dish. It was pretty good though for coming out of a box, I might suggest freshly made rice instead though.

All in all, our dinner worked out just as we had hoped.  At the time we purchased the dinner boxes, we were not as hungry but by the time our car GPS got us home, we were starving.  So I might suggest these dinner boxes for one person instead of sharing.  The amount per package was very tiny and probably would need a few just to satisfy one person.  We ended up eating some snacks that we already had in the house.  But for an option to take along for a camping trip or like us when you have no furniture or cooking utensils this is perfect!