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Alladin's Eatery in Mishawaka, Indiana  View of outside

Oh thank goodness there’s Mediterranean food in Indiana too! This might just work out as long as Trader Joe’s moves into the city. (Actually it was planned but then legend goes it was declined at the last moment. Why oh why?!) Genki Husband and I are just thrilled to have found an Aladin’s that serves vegan entrees – hooray! You might remember us going to this place quite often when we lived in Cleveland, Ohio a few years back. There are very many fond memories going to this restaurant with our Jordanian friends in Cleveland. I almost feel guilty eating there without them. Almost… So is it the same as the original in Ohio?

Alladin's Eater in Mishawaka, Indiana Vegan Options

Vegetarian Appetizer/Sampler Plate. Genki Husband and I like to get this when we go for lunch and then we share it. In Ohio the size portion is a bit bigger but at least this is a nice small lunch for two people. Please note if you are ordering vegan to let them know otherwise they will bring you out a yogurt dressing instead of two spicy vegan dressings.

Yes! Yes it is the same restaurant. As we drove past the restaurant, I was a bit worried it might be different so I was apprehensive to test it out. Thankfully we went ahead and checked it out two weeks ago and now we have gone there at least once a week. There are a few differences though. Firstly, the restaurant is a franchise (or so it seems) and is not run or overseen by the same people in Ohio. So, flavors are a bit more bland compared to the headquarters but the essential flavors are still there. Other than that just about everything seems to be the pretty much the same. Hooray, right!?!

So if you are in the Mishawaka/South Bend area in Indiana – fear not you can get your Arabic food for take out or eat in. We also found out there is a delivery service in the area that is called Dine Out. Check out this website for more information and the rates that apply to the service. But why not just stop in and check out the restaurant and stay for a nice vegan dessert. Mmmm You will probably see us there too. If you see us, say Hello! I love meeting all of you Genki Friends!

Lentil Chili from Alladin's Eater in Mishawake, Indiana

Lentil Chili (Lent/Chili) which is just the two soups placed in the same bowl. We have to admit this was really bland at this location but if you appreciate a lighter soup go for this one. The original restaurants in Ohio contain much more flavor – just so you are aware there is a difference.

Alladin's Eatery Falafel Wrap in Mishawaka Indiana

Kind of looks like a hot dog doesn’t it? ha-ha It is a Falafel Wrap or a Tabouli Wrap (they both look alike on the outside). It generally has hummus, pickled vegetables and either falafels or tabouli salad inside. We love these since they have the amount for the price. These are very easy to eat on the go in the car too.

Alladin's Eater Pitas from Mishawaka, Indiana

Pitas! This is one of our favorite parts about the dining in experience. If you order for take-out you do get less pitas. To get free pitas just simply order something with hummus (not a wrap). Best yet, you can get more for free by asking the staff member. Yum!

Aladin’s Eatery
317 W. University Dr.
Mishawaka 46545
Phone: 574-272-2227


Anyone else been to an Aladin’s Eatery?