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It’s been so long since I have had the time (or internet connection) to be able to share everything with all of you Genki Friends!  There are hundreds of photos on my computer right now awaiting patiently to be placed on the website to share with all of you.  The next few weeks shall be a slew of information, daily blogs and entertaining adventure photos of the last two months.  So get ready, here they came as promised. Photos and reviews after the link:

i Heart Keenwah

I Heart Keenwah is snack that we actually found on a whim while traveling through the snack aisle. Normally we tend to not eat pre-packaged snacks however sometimes it is a necessity considering we were in transit for a bit of time. We found these were super easy to take along in the car for longer rides which kept us from ordering something greasy such as french fries and so on from fast-food restaurants. Each snack is made from Quinoa (a ‘superfood’) which is high in protein. So basically that means once you eat this snack, you will stay full longer. These are a bit sweet and a bit salty, the perfect combination. Warning though, make sure you keep them closed as the snacks due stick together and get hard. Totally delicious!!!  I Heart Keenwah Website.

Chip 'n Dipped Vegan Chocolate

Since we are already on the topic of snacks, I thought I would just tell you about this amazing brand we found a month ago. The chocolate is 100% vegan friendly and contains marshmallows!!! I used to be addicted to marshmallows so this find truly brought tears to my eyes in the store. While some dark chocolate are a bit bitter since the high content of cacao, this is not the case with this chocolate bar. It is super delicious and can almost be described as a cross between a milk and a dark chocolate. Hence, I feel confident in stating this would fill the chocolate needs of just about everyone that loves chocolate or not. I don’t love chocolate but this really was tasty and my bitter chocolate loving husband couldn’t get enough of it. Chip ‘n Dipped Main Website

Chip 'n Dipped Vegan Chocolate Bars

Just to show you how packed these chocolate bars are with vegan marshmallows – here’s a look for yourself. Again, totally worth the money!

Chip 'n Dipped Vegan Chocolate

Did I mention these bars are also handmade? So that means they are supporting the economy and helping boost the unemployment issues in America.

Nib Mor Chocolate

Nib Mor Vegan Approved Chocolate. This has real Cacao Nibs and mint inside the chocolate! Not only is is vegan but it is also organic and ethically traded and non-GMO. Can it get any better? This was a bit more bitter than the above chocolate but it was super silky and delicious!  Allergy warning though, the company states that the facility that creates this product does also handle milk, nuts and wheat.  Nib Mor Vegan Chocolate Main Website

Chao Vegan Cheese Review

Finally on to something different than chocolate, haha. Now I know a lot of you in large cities probably have seen this but it is the first time we have found it in our Whole Foods Markets. And oh my oh my! It is super delicious! The price is a bit hard to digest but if you are looking for something to hit that cheese craving while going vegan, this is your new best friend! It looks like swiss cheese but it tastes more like a head-cheese as they call it in Illinois and Wisconsin. (Basically a mild cheese…) It comes in slices and you can make sandwiches with it. There were a few vegan grilled cheese sandwiches that we made with this package. I had my mother-in-law test it out and she couldn’t believe it was vegan. So good! It melts perfectly in a sandwich if you place a lid on top of the pan for a few minutes. Field Roast Main Website for this cheese

Field Roast Sausages Review

Field Roast Sausages – these are pretty good but for the price I would highly suggest just going with Tofurky. The taste was just not there, it was good don’t get me wrong, it was just missing something that the price suggested. I know there are a lot of people that swear by these sausages but if you are like me and don’t want to pay about $10 for 4 links, I would suggest the better tasting sausage by Tofurky.  See link above for website

Vegan Walmart Products

These are two products that we have fallen in love with on those nights I don’t want to make homemade. Normally in the summer months I make a ton of homemade sauce and freeze. Seeing as we were traveling this entire summer away from our house in Virginia, I did not get to winter stock. This is just as good though and can be purchased at Walmart! It gets better though! These two healthy options are available for less than $2.00 each! I would highly recommend both products. The sauce is super delicious but does contain a good amount of garlic in it for a normal garlic eater (I put in extra) and the pasta doesn’t fall apart or go gummy. Perfect find at Walmart!

Walmart Vegan Finds

Just to prove how the pasta turns out, look at those round babies! Super delicious served alongside a large salad. Mmmm

So these are a few of the products we have found lately (okay a month or more ago).  Hopefully you will enjoy them too!  Have any of you tested these out?  Let me know in the comments section.  I love to hear from you all!