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Moving to Indiana

New Years resolutions are always about setting up a new plan of attack on either weight issues, financial statuses and so on.  For us this year, we planned our move from the southern states to the northern states of the USA.  It was a new year with a new state.  Actually we were planning a funeral too but I will not go into that part.  (You can read about our adventure into 2015 here.)  Seeing as it was the beginning of the new year and companies were mainly shut-down when we were looking for assistance, we did have about a week before we could get our move into action.  This really wasn’t a problem though since we had anticipated once we received the final okay from Genki Husband’s new employer that relocated us.  Let me tell you though, seeing that moving truck sitting outside our front window, I about cried.  (I won’t mention the crying moment when I first saw our table top come through the doorway as the first item off the truck.)

Cat cleaning kitchen

So what did we do while sitting around the house with no place to go for an entire week? Well, while Genki Husband was at work, we were at home to sanitize the condo. I’m a little picky about the cleanliness of our residence – but our landlords always love this side of me since they don’t have to hire a cleaning company after we move out. Genki Cat loves to assist too by getting those hard to reach areas of the kitchen. How do they find things in the most obscure locations?

Cat Plays with blanket

We did a lot of playing around on the bare floors downstairs. This was an old blanket that was placed on the ground and Genki Cat decided she was going to save the household from wrinkles. If you have a cat, you know what I mean. The intensity of the game only increased when the blanket slid across the hardwood floors. haha

Static Pup

Genki Pup played also but soon found out what it was like to be a Northern Pup again in the winter months. Playing is so much harder when there is static involved.

Cat relaxing

After all the playing, we planned relaxation time together. Because when you have a large condo, you must stay in the same four feet of area right? No spreading out here.

Lazy Pup

Yep, this is basically what Genki Pup did the entire time. She’s not appreciating the cold climate up here in the north.

Snow storm

Then the moving company came in just under a week and destroyed our new found activities. The moving truck also brought a snow storm and -14F temperatures. Brrr There were times we had to stop the movers so they could come inside to warm up and we could return to heating the condo. So cold!

So that was the basic run down of what we did, minus some photos of the books I read and cleaning I did.  Pretty much boring and nothing to report about the exciting world of waiting for a moving truck.

Note:  We are still working on replacing all of the lights in the condo to LED types that are better for taking photos.  Hopefully you can overlook the bad lighting from the first few weeks.  It will get better soon.