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New Years Resolution 2015Happy 2015 Genki Friends! It’s hard to believe we have not shared with each other this entire year as of today. So many things happened around the end of the year 2014 that I regret not being able to share absolutely everything with you all. Life events sparked our lives forward in running sprints which left us grasping for air and leaving little time for sharing. Onward and upward so I want to express my gratitude for all of you still checking up on me and returning even though blog posts have not been regular as normal.

Refresh and Update: Two large events happened in our lives that kept us the busiest, beyond normal life events during the holiday season. Firstly, as a positive, Genki Husband was offered a new position in the cold state of Indiana. Once a Hoosier always one, right? For those of you unknowingly, Genki Husband and I both were born in Michigan but we went to different university in Indiana. We have returned to Indiana for the time being for his work. This left us searching for condos in the corn state during Christmas vacation when all real estate agents were on and off for the holidays. Note to all of you, if possible pick any time besides Christmas to look for a place to live. Thankfully we found a wonderful place after some negotiations that we really love. It is almost twice the size we are used to but we’ll work through the increase in room and the games of Marco Polo to find each other.

During our condo search we had to struggle with my grandmother passing away from generally old from an acute heart attack. The last few months have been difficult seeing as she had been suffering from strokes almost weekly and her health was deteriorating due to brain damage from each stroke. So although it was hard to say a final goodbye to her on her deathbed on Christmas Day, we are happy she returned Home on December 26th. Her memories will always live on in me and she will no longer suffer which is what is important.

Finally 2015 came around and we moved into our new condo. It was a long process setting up utilities around the New Year but we did it. Then on January 10th we received our moving truck from Virginia and ever since have been filling in our house with our belongings. It’s so nice to have a place of our own again and not be driving from Michigan to work daily. I’m not going to lie, it’s really nice to have some freedom alone, especially in our new kitchen.

2015 has started off for us in a bright start to a new adventure! We are looking forward to the blessing of a new beginning in another state near family and friends. Our home town is just over an hour away, something new for us seeing as we have never lived closer than 3 hours. The 14 hour drive from Virginia was fine with us but we are entertained in trying new things and testing out this new lifestyle for at least 1 year. After the first year we will collect and evaluate if living in a cold region is worth living closer to family. Not for now look for exciting new adventures and new recipes coming as soon as our new refrigerator arrives.

How was your New Years? I’d love to hear from you all in the comment section or as always you can contact me from the “about me” page.