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Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff Recipe

Genki Husband loves hot meals on cold days, so when he saw this recipe he was hooked. This last week we have seen warm enough temperatures to sit outside and enjoy the weather and then such cold weather everyone begins to set into hibernation mode. Temperatures seem to change our taste buds whether we like it or not- if you live in a cold climate you will know what I am talking about with this comment. So we put this recipe on the list for this week for a cold night with a hot dish at the table. Seeing as this is a pretty basic meal to cook in less than 10 minutes, we saved this to make the night of instead of on Sunday afternoon when we make all of our other meals ahead of time. We did have leftovers which can last a few days but I am pretty sure this will not freeze well- pasta tends to not handle reheating. Anyone out there know a trick to freezing pasta and re-heating with the same texture? I would love to know this trick.

Coming from a favorite website of mine, One Green Planet, this free recipe is available to anyone that goes to their website. While we did make a few changes, we basically kept to the original recipe here. It turned out pretty well but I would suggest these few changes in quantity amounts. When you are on this website, please browse around and check out all the informative information of green living, helping the environment, animal protection, healthy living and so much more. Just assure you have some free time since there is so much information, you will get stuck for hours. It’s well worth the extra time.

8 oz. uncooked regular pasta (we couldn’t find vegan ribbon pasta)
2 c vegetable broth (I used Better than Bouillon Vegan Approved Broth)
1 tablespoon soy sauce (I used reduced sodium)
1 ½ lbs portabella mushroom caps

1 tbsp regular white vinegar (It’s all we had)
¼ c vegan sour cream (Unnecessary added calories or fat)

Those were all the changes I made to create what is in the photo above.  We found it was a bit too “bitter” with all the lemon and vinegar.  I’m guessing the white wine vinegar will taste much better seeing as it is a bit less powerful.  Additionally we did not use the sour cream because we did not want the extra added calories and fat content, we found it wasn’t needed though.  If you do not worry about these two things, go ahead by all means and make your stroganoff creamy.

Nutritional Info
  • Servings Per Recipe: 4 (probably could divide in 6)
Amount Per Serving (according to the ingredients we used)
  • Calories: 305.3
  • Total Fat: 4.8 g
  • Cholesterol: 18.8 mg
  • Sodium: 874.2 mg
  • Total Carbs: 54.9 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 4.5 g
  • Protein: 14.4 g

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