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Weather patterns are changing due to the seasonal shifts of the earth, hence, we all are changing our exercise habits to correspond. Circadian rhythms in ones’ body (wherever you live) is changing due to this shift and your emotional status is correspondingly shifting. In the Northern Hemisphere it is getting cooler and darker earlier, so it’s hard to get the motivation to go outside after work. Thankfully we are all instilled with a (as the Asian’s call it) ‘fighting’ mentality. Here are some tips to boost your motivation level during this gravitational shift in earth through the season changes.

  1. Reset your envisioned workout: yes, it may not be the same temperature outside as your body has grown to enjoy but that’ does not mean your body can not change again. It’s time to envision how much you love working out in your new season. Imagine yourself in the new seasons workout clothes, or even go purchase some new ones. Each season has something to offer, try to think of what it is and go with the flow. For me, cold runs outside clear my mind and are ever so much more enjoyable when you come in to the warmth of the house. Maybe try my Tabata Training Plan Workout.


  1. Try something new: New season, new changes. There’s something of a shift in your frame of mind when a new season comes about so try something that you did not do last season. For instance, if it’s getting cold outside, maybe try a new yoga workout even if you did not enjoy yoga in the summer months. It might just be the change your body has been looking for in the cold winter months so you can get that fitness in while not freezing outside. Or vise versa, if you are in a hot climate now, try running outside.


  1. Image that post-workout adrenaline: Sometimes change can play negative images in ones’ head. Toss these negative images aside and think towards the positive. Think about how good your body feels after sweating it out.


  1. Create new reachable fitness goals: Stating that you want to get healthy or lose a few extra pounds is all fine and dandy but there has to be something reachable such as goal to look forward to measure your success. For instance, if you can walk ½ a mile today, plan to walk 1 mile in the nearest future. The measure of your goal should be reachable though. For instance do not try to go from ½ mile to 10 miles in one week – it is not impossible but probably not the healthiest of ideas. Make a written list of goals and post it somewhere you look every day.


  1. Eat healthier: It is absolutely amazing how eating just one healthy meal will change your motivation level for the future. Think about eating a well-balance, healthy salad for a meal for lunch today and how your entire prospective will change on what you want to do this evening. Healthy food increases positive thinking and will motivate you to continue on with the working out for the health of your body.


  1. Reward yourself: Fitness goals are a great way to measure your success. Plan ahead and put small and large rewards to yourself after accomplishing one of them. For instance, give yourself a nice hot bubble bath with fancy LUSH bath fizzes. Try a new restaurant out on the weekend with someone you love. Or, think about how good those skinny jeans will feel after working out this next week. Simply write your reachable goals down with each reward to receive and start working towards them. Sometimes it is just as simple as writing them down, sounds crazy but it works.


  1. Be proud of yourself: While you probably have already thought about your goals and rewards list, try to remember any movement is success. Imagine how you feel today and continue to remind yourself that you are doing a great job every time you workout. Positive reinforcement is so important to keeping motivated. Now I’m not talking of relying on your inner circles’ compliments, I am referring to how you treat yourself. For instance, even if you are feeling tired, have not lost any weight this week and worked out hard, think of how much closer you are to your goal. Weight can fluctuate week to week, sometimes there is a delay in your achievements but you are a work in progress and as long as you give it your all, that’s what is going to make the difference. So go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back and continue to give yourself positive reinforcements but you deserve it. Personal satisfaction is always a huge motivator.

What Motivates You Most?