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I’m the type of person that love nature, I love the forest, wildlife and especially the ocean.  Genki Husband and I looked around for gifts for our family members near Seal Beach and this is something I found.  I’m not a big sign lover for a house but I found this to be cute.  Who’s with me on this one?

Long Beach Racing

Apparently, Long Beach is famous for racing on a track through the streets. Genki Husband was very excited about driving this area since he has seen it many times on television with the Long Beach Grand Prix and also on his racing games such as Forza Motorsport for the Xbox.

Villa Riviera in Long Beach.  This is a historic building that is said to be one of the tallest in Southern California and is a condo/apartment building.  It’s very impressive as one drives around it.  For kicks I tried looking up how much the apartments went for but I unfortunately could not find anything that mentioned it.  I’m assuming this property is for the “privileged” only.

Hilltop Trail Loop in Signal Hill, California. This may not be the beach but it was just as gorgeous. It’s in a very posh residential area that is cemented and beautifully landscaped for everyone to enjoy.  There is parking at the top of the trail in the park but we decided to park near the beginning and walk up the trail for a nice workout.  Parking is free on the streets nearby. (highly recommended)

Hilltop Trail & Park
2351 Dawson Ave
Signal Hill, CA90755


We found Eucalyptus trees (one of my favorite Aussie trees) on the walk. We kept seeing these trees all around but weren’t sure if it was true but yep, we broke a leaf off and it surely was one.

Tiger lillies in October in California – who knew these were there either? On the other coast these aren’t available this time of year.

Another flower I have no idea what it is… Gorgeous in its own way.

Another type of cactus or succulent? No idea but it was gorgeous in it’s own way too.

Another flower I have no idea about but it is from a bush this time around.

Yep, another one but orange this time.

When I finally finished taking photos of flowers on the walk up, we came across this site. This is a historical site for pumping gas, which the area is still used for today.

Signal Hill Long Bech, California

Once we reached the top we saw a small park with a few picnic tables and a gorgeous view of Long Beach.

Signal Hill Long Beach California

The park is designed into a circle so one sees the city on one side and palms on the other side. It’s a nice design and it doesn’t feel as though you are really in the back of anyone’s house, even though you are almost with large houses across the street.

The view from the park. Hard to see in the photo since it was so sunny but it was absolutely gorgeous!

Alongside the hill that the park is located it is adorned with gorgeous flowers all around. There was a sign stating it was under construction but I am not sure how since it was already perfectly landscaped.

We came across this building which had a trumpet blowing out of it. Great piece of art whomever did it.  As a trumpet player I wanted to of course live here. ha-ha

Coming up: Vegan in California part 4 (food edition!!!)