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Continuing on with our trip around the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California, USA 2014.  We love nature so we went to just about every beach we had time to drive to… and a lot of vegan restaurants along the way.  Here are photos and a brief description for each one.

Hermosa Beach. The first surfer to hit America soil is said to be from Hawaii.

Taking a look back from the Hermosa Beach pier.

Seal Beach, California

Seal Beach, California. This is a bit farther than most tourists travel I think whom are staying in the LA area. It is a nice beach though that has a lot of parking ($1-2 an hour) and is a bit more kid-friendly.

Seal Beach Pier. The beaches do seem a bit more sandy but the pier does have a lot of fishermen on it. So, the smell is a bit strong like fish. It’s still a nice walk out the pier though.

Natives… They were enjoying the sunshine too.

What type of California blog would this be if there wasn’t a photo of the beach? It wasn’t the warmest of days but there were still a lot of people on the beach – it was Columbus Day so I guess a lot of people had the day off from work.

More Natives.

Love the beaches – but the water is very cold! Notice the guy in the sand, far left corner. Wonder if he knows this is already claimed as American soil? haha

We sat a lot on the beach and just listened to the waves – it’s so soothing. There’s something about sitting in a forest listening to the squirrels and birds but there is another listening to the waves and seals talking away.

We came across this pelican sitting on the pier, begging for fish from the fishermen.

Nothing like watching the sunset with a person you love alongside. Note: Just remember your sweater or jacket, it gets cold at night in California.

Coming Up:  Part 3 of our my current trip to California