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Finally our last day was brought on by some moisture our on car rental window.  We drove around to a few different areas and just enjoyed the sunshine for the last few hours.

Sprouts is a farmers market store that I have wanted to go to after seeing it a million times on other blogger sites. We love this store! I’m sure it is much more expensive but the store has a vibrant atmosphere and there are a lot of options for vegans available.

Energy bars we purchased at Sprouts. These are not available in our stores on the East Coast. The maple nut is delicious by the way, it’s not available in our stores though. The other two were just okay.

The view from above in the clouds. So gorgeous!

The Pacific Ocean

Solar Panels in the USA desert collecting energy.

Mountains from the airplane.

Lights from above…

So that is the basic gist of our trip to California in September-October 2014.  We were there on the last day of summer and there in the first days of fall.  Such a nice trip and I can’t wait until we are there again.  Actually by the time you are reading this we have been there again and are back again.