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Residence Inn Redondo Beach California ReviewSo you’ve seen the food, the beach and a few other local photos, now I figured you might want to see the hotel we stayed in right in Redondo Beach, California.  The hotel was chosen by our travel agent so we weren’t sure what we were getting into but we figured we were in good hands when it comes to an agent.  I have to admit, I’m a control freak when it comes to setting up arrangements for hotels and travel but this time around so I worked on my trust issues this time around.

Our hotel for the extended stay was: Residence Inn Redondo Beach.  It was a nice hotel and if we were staying for a week or longer it would have been perfect.  It had a kitchen complete with a dishwasher, full fridge, microwave, desk, larger than life flat screen TV, complimentary breakfast and so on.  On one of the nights they even had a social complete with drinks and appetizers but unfortunately our itinerary was completely full so we didn’t get to experience it.  Again, it was a really gorgeous hotel that really catered to the guests and the staff were all very professional and helpful with anything we asked.  In fact, they even have a free shuttle bus to the Hermosa Beach!

Outside there was a basketball court, pool, spa, firepit that was lite at night everynight, and grills for guests to use. Seriously I was thinking about just forgetting the flight and just staying here. If only our furry babies were here, we would not have left. (Sorry, we forgot to take a photo of the front – we will remember this next time around.)

This is the kitchen section of the hotel room. To the left is the front door, to the right where I was standing is the living area (photo below).  The cabinets were full of a dishes, cutlery, pots, pans and everything else one would expect from an extended stay hotel (including wine glasses).  Note the photo is from Manhattan Beach. There were a few people taking the same photo while we were there – we just had to laugh because we knew they also saw this photo someplace else.

Inside our hotel room, this was the ‘living area’ with a sofa complete with too many plush pillows, a side table, a desk with chair, and some gorgeous photos of the local area. It really did feel like an apartment.

Looking from the living area is the dresser to the right under the larger TV. To the left of the bedroom area is the bathroom. In our room there was a king size bed (California King, I’m not sure), an alarm clock, two lights and a large picture window.  Note:  It was very sunny outside so I had to close the windows but there are two different shades, one for light to beam in or the full enclosure type.

The complimentary gym to all residence. This is the image as you walk in the only door. There are mirrors on one side, large windows looking out towards the firepit & pool area, and finally two other blank walls. The wall to the left had towels to clean off the machines and maybe wipe that sweaty brow. There was also cups and water available just in case you really work it out hard – which is what I did.

This is the view from the doorway to the right. Thankfully no one was in the gym so I could take photos for all of you. They really did have a lot of options available, no matter what you wanted to work out. Thankfully everything was very clean and each machine had a remote – so no fighting necessary.

A closer look at the treadmills with the TV’s. Each one had a remote. Unfortunately everyone needs to bring headphones which I can understand but I was felling lazy to go the entire distance across the hotel just to get headphones to sweat it out. I just used Closed Captioning instead.

The pool and spa area. This was a gorgeous area, even with the power lines in view. It gave off a very California view – for normal people not the Hollywood lifestyle. If you look closer you can notice the handicap lift for the spa and the pool. I believe there is also wi-fi available outside since I saw a business man working the entire morning outside under an umbrella.

The pool area is already setup with towels on each seat. One can only do that in California where it almost never rains.

Driving the streets in California. Previously I had no idea there were so many trees in California. This was not next to the ocean so I thought it would be more dry. We did notice it did get hotter as you drove away from the gentle ocean breezes.

Good Year Blimp just sitting next to the road in a large parking lot. No idea why but it was there in all its glory. It was a full sized blimp.

Roadside Attraction driving in California

Roadside Attraction on one of the highways, I think it was for a speedway.