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So now that you saw most of the items  we ate while on our last trip to California I thought I might show you another passion of mine- the beach scenes.  Well, okay, I guess I can toss in a few other photos of the area but generally when driving we were paying attention to our iPhone’s for directions to the surrounding areas instead of taking photos.  We did manage to get to the beach each day while in California, why else would one want to go there right?  Kidding, there are a lot of things to do in California but the beach is one of the main attractions for us since we are nature lovers.  Whose with me on this one?

Redondo Beach, California, USA. We actually found this sign to the beach when we went to Happy Veggie but couldn’t find the main entrance that night. There’s supposed to be a nice shopping area nearby but we weren’t able to find it in our short amount of time there. If anyone knows what to do around this area let me know since we are going again.

The pier – we parked under here since it was the only place we could find available. There was a good amount of parking and it only cost about $0.50/hour. Note: Have lots of coins available when traveling around since most parking meters will not give exact change. We placed $1.00 and didn’t know this until it said so after we put the money inside the meter. Then we only got 1 hour instead of the paid 2 hours. Strange…

When you walk out of the parking garage you are facing a few fish restaurants (the smell is very strong so if you are pregnant or sensitive, I imagine this would not be the place to park). After the restaurants you go to the harbor where all of these gorgeous boats are just sitting around waiting to be used. We were rather early so there were no people but I can imagine on a holiday weekend this would be a jam-packed place.

After the main harbor, you walk along the pier and see other sides of the island. You can see this from the pier, it was very calm though since we were early in the morning before our flight out.

The pier is a good length but for some reason I only have photos of the ocean next to it instead of the actual pier. oops! But at least you get to see the gorgeous Pacific Ocean next to the American shoreline.

A view from part of the pier near the sandy beach in the morning sunlight. Minutes after this photo the sunshine went dark with fog- happens every morning here. It’s very interesting since we normally have fog when we awake and it then becomes sunny on the East Coast.

There were sea animal images all along the pier…

Hermosa Beach for a sunset picnic dinner.

Manhattan Beach for another sunset dinner. This was a bit more expensive to park in the parking ramps and was much more busy. I’d say since this is the closest to downtown LA compared to the others, it had the most tourists. We actually weren’t very impressed with this beach but would rather go to the other two since they were less busy.

Flowers we found outside a shop on the Redondo Beach Pier.

Succulents near the pier too. These were gorgeous sitting outside since on the Northeastern coast these must stay inside.

Traveling the streets in California on an early Autumn morning – this is just outside the parking ramp at Redondo Beach Pier.