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So now you know all about our trip to California, the flight.  Now it’s time to get down to business and talk about the food.  It was a short trip to California so we had very little time to drive all around but we did get to a few different places.  Our breakfast was mainly just at the hotel since we had free continental breakfast but our other meals were while we were out and about on the California streets.  First up on our vegan travels- Happy Veggie! (Note:  They also have a main website but I couldn’t get it to work.

Our first night in California we decided this was going to be the best option for vegan food since it was the closest to our hotel. It is also right next to Redondo Beach, which for some reason we ended up going to Hermosa Beach instead that night – no idea why… But this was a nice little find, cuddled away in a tiny strip mall. The staff were ever so nice to us even though we weren’t sure what to purchase since we wanted one of everything but our budget or stomachs could never handle that… There was a nice breeze coming in and the painting were all very cheery and comforting. There were also a few tables to come and enjoy inside if the temperatures got too much to handle outside.

Happy Veggie: It’s mostly Asian cuisine which reminds me of Loving Hut in Oahu Hawaii. They accept credit cards & cash. The parking outside is free.

Happy Veggie Vegan : Refreshing Spring Rolls. These were fresh and tasty but I’m not sure we would pay the $5 to get these again if we were already buying entrees. Tasty but nothing that special. Tip: Save your money on the delicious entrees!

Happy Veggie Salad: Heavenly Salad. This reminded me so much of the delicious salad we used to buy in Oahu, Hawaii at Loving Hut. So delicious! I could literally eat this every day and be happy. Mmm It contains: tasty soy chicken mixed with a medley of purple and white cabbages, carrot, tofu. The sauce is almost like a peanut sauce. This was a large so it’s is around $8 USD.  (Note: those aren’t my hairy legs… Genki Husband’s… lol)

Happy Veggie Lemongrass chicken vegan restaurant review

Happy Veggie: Lemon Grass Chicken. Again, this must be the same recipe as Loving Hut in Oahu, Hawaii. Sooooo delicious! It is not a very strong flavored stir-fry but it has a nice blend of all the flavors that just makes your mouth sing. The only downside is you sometimes get a few pieces of hard lemongrass that looks like hard grass. But, it’s worth it. Yep, that’s white rice since the brown rice costs extra. We figured we bought so much food already we would save a bit on the rice. haha

This is where we ate dinner the first night- right on the beach. It was so gorgeous! Not too many people at this time of night while the sun was going down – ironically more came out at night as we were leaving.

Of course we had to have dinner with a native Californian. We laughed because we knew if we went towards the water he would sneak into our food bag – that’s exactly what he did too. So funny! This must be common though seeing the gigantic size of them compared to Michigan.

Genki Husband at Hermosa Beach, California as the sun was going down.

Happy Veggie: Vegetarian Restaurant (100% Vegan)
709 N Pacific Coast HWY, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Corner of Catalina & Pacific HWY, in Albertsons Shopping Center)
E-mail: HappyVeggie@Live.com
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm/5pm-9pm; Sat 11am-9pm; closed sundays
Telephone: 310-379-5035