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Finally I’m getting to the photos from our most recent business trip to California.  Genki Husband and I have both been to California but never to the specific location we were spent our time in, Los Angeles- the southern suburbs.  I wasn’t sure just how to post all the photos (well, a reduced amount from the 400 or so we took) but figured to start in the beginner.  Yeah, I thought that was logical too. ha-ha  So today’s post will be all about the flight over – including food of course.

Since we were leaving very early in the morning, we had to make a stop at the rest stop along the highway to get some coffee. It’s always nice to have something to stay awake on the road.

The day before leaving I prepared these gorgeous chocolate chip muffins to have ready for our car portion of the trip. It’s such a simple recipe and more more nutritionally dense than the stuff you purchase in the stores.  I’ll post the recipe later.

Since we don’t live in the north anymore we have gotten rid of our ipass (highway toll electronic paying device). When you get $ in return from the tolls, you get these $1 coins. So many of them right before going through airport security – nice. ha-ha

Since we are located in Michigan and have to fly out of Illinois, we had to leave very early to assure we got to the airport before our flight. It requires us to go through Chicago Rush-hour (which we are used to since we used to live there) but it’s very unpredictable so extra time is always necessary. This trip we had no issues so we stopped by Mitsuwa Japanese market and picked up the first batch of Vegan Sushi to hit the shelf. So delicious!

Trader Joes Veggie Wrap with Hummus Review

Trader Joe’s has premade wraps available such as this one that is vegan. It’s strange though the only wrap available is hummus seeing as TJ’s sells vegan meatless options but not in ready meals. Just saying TJ’s, you’re missing a good market opportunity. Genki Husband and I shared this with some pre-cut vegetables we brought from the house. It was okay but rather dry. We’d probably buy this again but if it were the only option around.

We also picked up a few general things such as pasta from Trader Joe’s (minus the PB pretzels since they aren’t selling them right now- gasp!!!!). For a seasonal item we found this tea – it is delicious! We placed it in our car since the temperatures weren’t going to be too bad while we were gone. I’d highly suggest this if you like cinnamon.

LAX- this is what you can see when you are flying in on an airplane and also what you first see when you exit the arrivals terminal. The fresh air, the blue skies, the smell of ocean water and the warm temperatures. After getting our arranged car rental, we seriously had to take off layers of clothes to adapt to the temperature variation between the coasts.  What the surveillance cameras must see everyday when we are around… LOL

Once we were in our airport, we changed quite fast into cooler clothes. It was about a 40 degree jump from Michigan to California temperatures. I love bright and cheery colors in the summertime. Considering it was the last day of summer, I planned ahead. Please ignore the towels on the ground, we took showers after arriving from our flight. BTW, does anyone know the trick to not get shorts to buckle up like that one shorter people?  I’d love to know!

Finally after getting into our hotel, taking showers, changing clothes we managed to get our vegan dinner out and take it to the Hermosa Beach -so gorgeous! It’s no wonder my 8yr old niece thinks I’m going to live on the beach – who wouldn’t want to with the peace it brings.

California Question:  What’s your favorite place to eat?  Place near LA?