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Packing can be daunting for a trip.  Firstly one has to make out a full list of things to not forget, coordinate the exact agenda details, and (as a vegan) plan what will be available in each area for food consumption.  The last part is normally my favorite organizing step since I’m a foodie and well, I’m a foodie.  Before each trip, I will go through a rigorous process of scouring the internet for vegan details on the area, including vegan stores and restaurants.  Not all places have vegan options widely available so it’s best to sometimes do a little extra research from bloggers (such as my site) for ideas and tips in more remote areas.  Finally we always assure we have at least a bag full of goodies to eat while on the trip.  Normally we will have a few sugary options (I’m hypoglycemic) and healthy options for snacking.  Snacking is almost a right of traveling, right?  So we made a few steps at local stores around our current area to pick up some healthy options for our most recent trip to California.  Here’s what we found:

Dried Figs! Yum! Genki Husband really wanted to try these out and since we were looking for something with high sugar, this was a perfect solution. The only ingredients were figs so who could complain? These were very sweet and perfectly dried – but not overdried that you have eat them with a sledgehammer and gallon of water. The only downside is we found out these had to be chilled after opening. Does the airplane ac count?

Chickpea snacks are perfect for traveling. These were dried chickpeas with a cinnamon maple seasoning. At first we didn’t like these but they grow on you in taste. Since they are dried, it is like eating a tiny little potato chip but with a slightly sweet aftertaste. The best part, the bag is resealable!

Coconut Sugar – best raw vegan alternative to sugar cane. It has a slight caramel taste which is delicious in just about anything! I have to admit, I was so excited to finally find this in the store (organic), I tested it on my finger first in the car. It is so amazing! A must try!!!

Some other snacks taken on the road:

Cliff Bars (via Genki Husband request- I don’t like them)- each bar is around $1 in most stores.

Cut Veggies:  Yep, these are okay for flights.  I simply just cut cucumbers, colored bell peppers, carrots, celery and etc and place in a baggie.  These should be kept in your carry-on though since the underbelly of the plane can get very hot and ruin your fresh produce.

Alba Botanica is a brand that I have loved for a long time now. They state on each product: “100% Vegetarian Ingredients. No: Animal Testing, Artificial Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Myreth Sulfate.” I have been using this for a about two weeks now and I can tell the difference in my hair. Even though we have had to turn on the furnace for heat, my hair is getting its’ shine back and is becoming lighter but with more life. I’d highly suggest this to anyone. BTW, we bought this at WalMart! Normally this only available at expensive Whole Foods Markets and specialty shops – the look is different but the product seems to be the same high quality.

This is another product I use from Alba Botanica for a leave-in-conditioner when my hair gets all dry and needs a boost. I generally use this in the summer after a long day in the sunshine just to assure my hair has enough nourishment without getting too much sun-damage. This is definitely necessary when training for a marathon.

This is a vegan protein powder we found while searching through the organic section. Anyone tried this yet? It is a bit pricy so we wanted to read some reviews before testing it out.

Vegan Coconut Oil- we found this in a spray version which I was really excited about since it’s the first I’ve seen. Anyone tried this yet? Again, this is very pricy as it is coconut oil and organic so I wanted to make sure it was worth the money.

A moment of cuteness to end this blog: Genki Cat has this addiction to this wooden cat. She will sit with this cat for hours upon hours and insists that she must do it just about everyday. Is this weird? Any cat whispers out there? Does she believe it’s real? It’s so cute either way.