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International friends are always thrilled to attend our county 4-H fairs upon visits because they are so much a part of the American traditional culture.  In my hometown, we have medium-sized 4-H county fairgrounds so it is always exciting to see the animals, excited 4-H’ers and entertainment surrounding the entire piece of land.  This is the exact fairgrounds my ancestors have been attending for many generations- all 4-H’ers. It’s like going home each time we visit.

Something I’m not sure if I have ever shared with all of you before, I am a proud 10 year 4-H’er and 4-H ambassador.  Something else you might know, 4-H is an international organization that is in most countries around the world (sometimes under different names).  So, if you have never heard of 4-H or would like to be a part of it but never knew how, I would urge you all to go to the main website and contact someone in your local area.  Check out the exciting world of 4-H here: 4-H Membership.

The morning we were off to the fair, it was extremely foggy. We love getting to the fairgrounds early when the animals are just starting to move around and eat breakfast – it’s their most active time of the day.

This is what you see after you walk from the large parking fields. There are a lot of tents places all around selling farm equipment, food, cheap goods and etc.

These are some of the barns where the 4-H’ers bring their farm animals to be showed and then sold. It’s a happy/sad area. At least it does show the inhumanity/injustice to those that believe their ‘meat’ comes from the grocery store.

Not sure how someone can look into these eyes and think ‘dinner’. They are so adorable…

If I raised goats, I would definitely give them jackets on cold Autumn days too. Brrr They deserve them.

Cows – these are not native to Michigan but they are becoming more popular. I was not a farm animal 4-H’er but I believe these are rather from England.

Yes, yes they are dangerous so let’s all take note from this tractor notice. So funny.

Genki Husband got a hold of my iPhone so there were hundreds of tractor photos and parts of which I have no clue what each one is… so I will spare everyone. But you have to see this one. It’s a tricycle for a tractor? Not even sure what you do with this one

Gorgeous mums were setup all around the fairgrounds to enjoy. Mums are the flower of the Autumn season. These were amazing with three different colors.

We walked through a few of the ‘for sale’ barns too. Most of these are booths full of politicians, local services like HVAC specialists and etc.

All that walking around got us hungry, so we ate just about the only thing that was vegan – fries with malted vinegar on top. Not healthy but it was available and we only eat these at the fair – it’s a tradition. You can have what you like as long as you don’t eat it all the time.

4-H fairgrounds project for adults- this is made of all natural items such as flower petals and beans. Not sure what I think of this as a project. It is gorgeous and everything is 100% natural (even the ‘glue’) but on the other hand couldn’t this feed at least a few people that are starving in the world?

hmmm Does this mean I can or can’t ride the kiddie rides at the fair?

Then we found a ‘petting zoo’ which didn’t allow us to pet anything – especially these porcupines. This wasn’t really a zoo and the animals were not held captive – they were rescued I believe. I’m not appreciating them being in such small, confined areas though. Hopefully their spots are much larger at the home-base for these guys.

This makes me happy, sad… I loved to see the kangaroos again, I have missed seeing them hang around. But, I do not like to see animals held in cages on or off display. These were supposed to be rescued I think but I’m not sure if that’s really the case. Just FYI, I do not support zoo captivity or circuses.

When we returned we found out a family friend sent us a bunch of tiny butternut squashes – so thoughtful! We love harvest season in the USA since we get free produce straight from local gardens!