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Hello Genki Friends!  It has been an almost unreasonable amount of time since sharing with all of you; I’ve missed each and every one of you individually.  So what’s with this absence?  Well, I have been quite a busy person lately.  Firstly, we have been adventuring more of Michigan, seeing as our time here in this fine state is very short term.  Then we took a trip out to California for another business trip and took in many sights and ate way too much delicious vegan food.  Additionally I’m finishing up two courses I have been taking online, but I can talk about that later if anyone wants to know about them.  It was all worth the extra effort and less sleep, so hopefully you all will forgive.  Right now I’m editing photos to share with all of you along with editing some recipes just in time for the autumn season in the Northern Hemisphere.  So sit tight and get ready for a lot of blog entries.  (At least I’m attempting to complete them all before our next big trip.)