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Last week we had a turn for the worse in Michigan and found ourselves in below average low temperatures in the last few weeks of summer.  Normally this time of year the temperatures drop but not into the 60F/15C and 40F/4C at night.  It’s definitely a sign of climate change at its best (or shall I say worst).  So Genki Husband and I have been fighting the urge to run away from the cold just for a few more weeks of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Our foods have changed seeing as we are freezing though.  See what soups and other foods we have found:

Not the most attractive process in a photo but this smelled so delicious I’m sure we had neighbors turning hungry. This is 8 large heirloom tomatoes straight from the farmers’ market along with 1 entire bulb of garlic. There is a little olive oil sprinkled on top (optional). These were roasted.

Homemade Roasted Garlic and Tomato Soup from farm fresh ingredients. Side dish of roasted garlic bread. This is a basic recipe but I will share with all of you in another post so it’s easy to find.  Such an amazing flavor, not too tomato or garlic flavored. 

We eat this all the time on cold evenings – so simple to put together and tastes like it took hours. I made a how-to video while making this here. Enjoy!

Radish Greenie Soup– looks gross but is so delicious and easy to put make in a flash. It does have a very small amount of calories though, so it’s best to pair it with something. In this case we had apples, hummus with fresh colored bell peppers and a little homemade bread. We go with the season though and pick whatever is available at the farmers market. Recipe Here

Another Aldi’s Find- vegetable chips! These were so, so delicious! We made the mistake of going to the store hungry the other day and we ended up buying this bag of chips. Then we ate 1/2 of it on the way home from the store (15 mins drive). If you have an Aldi’s, we highly suggest these. They are similar to the Thai chips we had a few years ago.

Sorry for the terrible photo but this is the view of the chips from the inside, it was dark so it was hard to get a picture of the chips. They are very colorful and I think perfect for the fall colors in North America.

Gardein Beefless Tips – not breaded like the other day. (oops!) These were much better than the Stiry-fry kind from Gardein. Never did I like red meat but Genki Husband told me these were pretty close to the real thing – especially the texture. These unfortunately do not come with a sauce like the other freezer dinners but it’s easy to make something of your own or eat alone. I think it would be wonderful in Beef Stroganauff-vegan style. We used Teriyaki Sauce that we had around the house and stir-fried it and was delicious! (Actually I wasn’t a fan but then again I don’t like beef either…)

Gardein Beefless Strips- the back. Just so if you wanted to see what the suggestions are for making this at home. I believe it serves about 3 people, although we were hungry so we ate it in 2. Oh, did I mention these are on sale at Meijers’ in Michigan this week and next week? Yep, they are so go try them out! (Not sure of other areas but worth the try.)

The finished product. I also sauteed red bell pepper and onion to make it a finished off taste. It’s served over Japanese rice. Again, you can go beefless to safe animals from torture, eliminate cholesterol and also reduce the calories/fat in your diet. It’s a win-win situation!

There is not a Wild Oats grocery store in our area but for some reason WalMart sells this brand. (Am I the only one that finds this weird?) But thankfully it’s delicious and the Basil and the Garlic flavors are both vegan! Hooray! We have had both but watch out for the garlic one, you have to be a garlic lover or an extreme vampire hater. I would highly suggest this brand – delish!

Chick’n Scallopini again – I know but Genki Husband does love it and it’s on sale in Meijers until the end of this month in Michigan. It serves 4 and is well worth the price.

For a full dinner with the tomato sauce above we made this Chick’n Scallopini on top of pasta. This was so delicious I had to fight Genki Husband off from my plate.

Fresh from the farm we had roasted spaghetti squash in a 350F oven for about 35 minutes. Then we filled each half with tomato sauce from above. So simple and inexpensive!

For a closer view, this is what a spaghetti squash does when you roast or steam it. It creates a stringy texture that is perfect to use as ‘spaghetti’ minus all those calories.

An even closer view of the sauce that is from Wild Oats. The white pieces are fresh garlic! Yep, one must be a garlic lover for this tomato sauce which we are so we loved it.

Finally after all this food, an image of the evening sky after a gorgeous sunset.