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So Busy, busy, busy lately it’s been hard to get into the kitchen to prepare anything for Genki Husband and myself.  Thankfully we have a few go-to recipes that we have fallen in love with recently that keep appearing on our table.  So here are the recipes and photos for all of you (just in case you have busy lives too):

This photo along with the above photo is something made from polenta and kale that has been eaten once a week lately. It’s made from ground cornmeal. I’ll post a recipe soon so all of you can make it too. It is very cheap to make and is ready in 5 mins.

Patriotic Chocolate Chip Scones once again. Yes, I know these are not the healthiest but they are simple to toss together and put in the oven in under 30 mins. When sharing a kitchen with another couple, one must make sure to be fast (especially when they are starring at you to finish fast).

Sunflower Sprouts are packed with antioxidants and protein. There are many health benefits from eating these raw vegan sprouts – check out some of the information for yourself here, here, and here.  We eat these just plain as a snack or on a salad.  It’s best to have these raw as the nutrients can be cooked out if warmed.

Basic tofu scramble with tons of kale and freshly diced tomatoes. We also had two slices of toast with vegan butter. Yum! This keeps us going for the whole morning without the need for a snack.  Note:  I’ve started to make this without soy sauce to reduce the sodium content and we couldn’t be happier – try it out if you haven’t already.

Gardein Szechuan Beefless Strips dinner made without broccoli (we were out…whimper) It was our first attempt with this beefless product so we weren’t sure what to expect but we went ahead and made an entire dinner from onion and peppers from our local farmers’ market. Then we made the beefless strips according the package instructions. It was just an okay turnout. These beefless strips were battered which surprised us since the package photo appears to be plain. It was a bit of a surprise. We found this dish was a bit dry and tasteless- you must use the sauce given or make your own, otherwise it will be very dry.  We probably would not make this again if it weren’t for testing it out for all of you.  In our area we have found this available at Meijer’s Grocery store.

Sassafras tea is something I have always wanted to try out since my sister was in the play when I was young (can’t remember the name…). These trees are abundant in our local area but no one drinks this tea anymore because it was “banned” by the USA government back in the 1960’s without really having any sound reason. Said ban was explained to have been started by rats being fed sassafras oil in large amounts were found to have liver issues, although these studies were not documented. Apparently, if one intakes a few truck loads of the oil one will have liver issues but so will someone that drinks beer by the truckload in large amounts. So there is no real reason to consider this oil worse than the common day glass of water. We purchased this at our local WalMart grocery but it is also available at Meijer’s Grocery store. It cost less than $3.00 USD and makes about 12 servings I believe. We found it has a light flavor but almost very similar to licorice (or anise seed) tea. You can make it warm or cold. It’s so delicious, we will be purchasing again. For more information on the banning of sassafras, read here.

Farm Fresh Radishes ready to be made into radish soup. It’s not cold yet but it just sounded delicious. These were washed so they appear a bit limp but still just as ripe as the day we bought them.

Radish Greenie Soup – perfect for the end of summer or fall season. Best yet, radishes are very inexpensive in most places in the USA. Sorry, I’m not sure of other areas. I know in Japan radishes are cheap and easily available though. Recipe Here (Note: our blender doesn’t work well here so it was more chunky than normal.)