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As an American ambassador overseas, I always get the question about weather patterns.  Simple question most would think, that is unless you are from the state of Michigan.  Although we haven’t lived here in many years, we are amazed to see things don’t change much with the scenery or the weather.  One day a person can be wearing a sweater and the next, well, a swimsuit.  Genki Husband and I are used to the Southern summers now which include hot, humid days when you walk outside and are immediately drenched in moisture.  Here in Michigan the humidity may be high but the temperatures are not which make the days bearable for most people.  I love hot weather so I’m in my bliss when the temperatures hit 90F/32C.  Today, even though it’s nearing fall, the temperatures went high again to around 99F/37C.  Not the hottest I’ve seen it (ahem, 110F/43C on our wedding day) but not the coolest either.  So on a day like this, I love to grab a good book and sit outside enjoying it all.  Here are a few books I have found interesting over the course of the last week:

Found this one since I knew who Joel Fuhrman was but wasn’t sure of the quality of the book. Seems to have a good amount of information for beginners. Eat to Live Cookbook

I didn’t know this existed! I love the China Study as it is one of the few reasons we turned vegan in the first place. This is something I found interesting. While we have been vegan for quite a few years now, I found this book to have a few good recipes. Most are for beginners though… The China Study Cookbook.

Raw Energy was something I found while sitting in the vegan cookbook section. This has a good amount of energy bar recipes that are all raw vegan. If you love nuts, you will love this cookbook.  Raw Energy

Behind, yes I am. I waited for this cookbook to come out for a long time but for some reason I didn’t get to purchase it. Then I guess I just forgot or something like that… Now she’s coming out with another one, I think it’s her third! I fell in love with her on YouTube and then on her website. She’s very inspiring and her recipes are delicious, especially her desserts. Chloe’s Kitchen.

Great Un-Cookbook to set on your table but maybe not in the kitchen. Excited about seeing an UnCookbook I grabbed this one but then found out it was just a raw cookbook but not vegan. The photos inside were gorgeous though and if you have a coffee table and aren’t vegan I would think it would intrigue guests into looking at the photography. Maybe I’m biased but I’m more into the recipes than giant photos (this book is about 3x the normal size). UnCooked

These are my latest finds but I did post a few before a couple of weeks ago.  I would love to know any books you are reading, cooking from right now.  I have a little addiction as you can probably tell already.