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Summer seems like it has finally arrived in Michigan, hooray!  It has been gorgeous all summer long (minus the weekly rainstorm) but the temperatures have been near perfect for many people.  I’m of the strange sort though that loves hot temperatures so when I see a view such as above, I have to get outside.  Thankfully I can work from outside while enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and silence from the world around me.  Any hot summer lovers out there?

We’ve been traveling a lot lately all around the USA – summer is the best for a trip here. There are rain storms here in the Midwest but that doesn’t mean it’s not gorgeous, it’s just means we aren’t all high and dry like other states. (Sorry California and Texas)

As seen in the above picture there was a storm coming but thankfully we made it into a Starbucks before the rain came pouring down. These were the strangest of clouds.

It’s just so gorgeous when you are up in the morning sitting out on the lake watching the colors come along with the sun. The lake seems to glow.

Lakes unlike in other places are very clear. This is a spring fed lake so it is ever so clear, minus the tiny rocks and shells on the bottom.

Just another gorgeous day

Genki Pup and I playing together in the yard next to the lake. She doesn’t like water so we always play on the grass together but that’s fine too.

GenkiPup and me playing together next to the lake. She won’t play in the water but she will next to it.

Isn’t it exciting when you find a water fountain in one of the least likely locations? It’s like a hidden treasure. We found this while looking for a place to have a picnic lunch – bonus points! (Note: there is water on the wall part – it’s hard to see in the photo.)