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Genki Husband and I have been traveling around Indiana and Michigan the last two weeks together.  It’s a great time to be traveling since the weather isn’t terribly hot and there are less tourists thanks to school having started up recently.  Although we have been traveling, we still have to keep up with our online courses we are taking and also work that has to be done.  Thankfully we found the above library that has free wi-fi and a Keurig machine!  Life in bliss!  Here are some of the other vegan finds we have found while out and about in photos:

This is the Keurig Machine in the library in Michigan – you pay for your k-kup on the right-hand side and then make your hot beverage to drink in the library! I love this library – I want to live here! Free books, wi-fi, paid coffee…. yes, yes, yes! Enter a place where we can take a furry babies and we are moving in.

Panera has this cute notice machine that lets the staff know where customers are seated outside and they bring the food to you. Love this idea! Unfortunately I’m not a Panera fan but it was the only place to get a salad that was more than bibb lettuce and no dressing.

Panera Greek Salad without the Feta Cheese . Dressing wasn’t vegan. 😦 It gets a little annoying I must say (going on my soapbox) what when you go to take off the most expensive items such as meat and cheese, it would be nice to see a decline in the price. Otherwise, shouldn’t the restaurant add a few more things to the salad? Panera added 4 olives to this Greek salad and two pepperocini’s. It was about $10! (In a small town, not Chicago.)

Panera disappoints again for vegans. This is the vegetarian sandwich (supposed to be vegan) but had almost nothing on it for a high price. We asked for a Panini but this was just cold bread – not even sure if it was vegan… 😦 There was also supposed to be hummus as the main ingredient (besides the feta we had to take off). Can you see the hummus on the top? Yeah sad isn’t it… Again we had to pay full price and hardly any toppings for about $7 plus added taxes.

Hovey’s Pizza – chain restaurant. This was a vegetarian pizza, minus all the cheese with added mushrooms. This was actually not that bad. We didn’t like the crust but that was just personal preferences. The sauce was tasty (with extra on the side) and the toppings were plentiful.

Shawarma King in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Starter Salad. Supposed to be vegan. Way too much oil but good still.

Shawarma King french fries side dish. This is one serving but has a lot in it for under $3. These are frozen and fried. Not great but okay price. We were hungry but didn’t want to pay for $20 for the two of us for lunch so we got this instead. I can’t turn down fries… gasp…haha

Shawarma King in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Vegetarian hummus platter – a bit pricy for what you get at lunch. This is not cheap but get a cheap amount. There’s probably about 3 tbsp of hummus and 3 tbsp Baba ghanoush. 😦 We’ve been here at dinner and there was a lot more for the same price. Best to go at night.

So those are the restaurants we have been going to except the coffee houses which are generally just about everyday.  Yep, it’s an addiction but it’s ours so we will keep it.  Anyone have other suggestions for meals at these places?