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I admit it, I’ve been keeping all these delectable foods without telling all of you.  But without further ado, I am sharing them all with you today.  These are just a few things I have been swooning over the last week.  When available, I have attached the links so you can enjoy them too.

Earth Balance came out with vegan ‘cheddar’ crackers a few months ago and I have been looking forward to testing them out. Finally when we traveled to Chicago a week ago, we stopped in at Whole Foods Market and picked up a box. If I had known these were so delicious – I would have picked up an entire box! Yum! These bring back the flavor of my childhood. So worth the money!

Annie’s Salad dressing lite is so tasty! We have been making Oh She Glows Goddess Dressing homemade for a long time now but I believe this was probably the inspiration for her recipe. It’s very similar in taste and is available at a lot of grocery store chains. We purchased ours at Meijer’s Grocery Store, non-refrigerated section. It is a bit pricy but then again most pre-packaged dressing is about the same price so you might as go for a vegan option. It does have tahini in it, so it does contain fat. If you like Arabic foods, you will really enjoy this dressing.

Dinner: Gardein Chik’n Scallopini pan fried with a little extra virgin olive oil, topped with chopped farm fresh tomatoes. Side Dish: Sage infused zucchini, cabbage, and sweet corn from the farm. (Topped with a ton of freshly ground black pepper.)

Bento: Vegan Cream Cheese/ & Farm Fresh Cucumber Sandwich on homemade Vegan English Muffin Bread with a banana and some raw almonds.  We took this to the park to enjoy together while sitting outside.  Oh! Did you know Trader Joe’s has a vegan approved list online for free.  See all the TJ’s vegan products list here.

Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese has a new look but the same great taste. We used to purchase Tofutti but Trader Joes’ has come out with the same taste under their own name. Not sure if it’s really the same producer but they both are great options. It is a bit more pricy but Tofutti is getting harder and harder to find in the stores (Whole Foods Market no longer sells).

Soy’rizo potato, sweet corn, tomato dinner. We sauteed all this together. It was super easy, cheap and so delicious! Sometimes the simple things taste better than the more complicated.

Gardein Sliders taste was okay but not worth the cost. They do take about 5 minutes in total to make. Another negative is these are so small and contain a lot of calories! They are more of a tease than a meal. (We would not buy again.)  Side salad was made by tossing in the leftover Annie’s Goddess salad dressing right into the Rainbow Salad mixture and shaking. Genki Husband and I ate this salad and two sliders in one sitting. Delicious!

Vegan Breakfast: tofu scramble, Boca Sausage Links (not vegan grrrr when did this happen?), and toast. Genki Husband loves large breakfasts but it’s hard to get into the kitchen at my in-laws when they are baking sweets for breakfast every morning. So today we waited until 9AM to get to use the stove and this is what we made. Vegan Tofu scramble with toasted bread and a side of Boca Sausage Links. As we were about to eat these we were talking about what they contained and then realized we couldn’t eat them because they were no longer vegan. Major disappoint! The rest was delicious though.


PPK Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings. Such a simple to put together dinner, inexpensive ingredients and fills the heart and stomach. Yum! We make this a lot of cold days.  See my video making this to assist you.

California pizza made in our kitchen: homemade crust, avocado, soy’rizo, farm fresh basil, Daiya cheese, garlic, farm fresh orange heirloom tomatoes, onion and a little coconut oil spray.

Harney & Sons English Breakfast Tea. Nice rich blend for a mid-range store tea blend.

Biggby isn’t our favorite coffee house but it is the closest right now. This is a vegan soy tea latte. Genki Husband and I shared this and still had some leftover.  Warning, these are very sweet and are filled with calories.

Daily Cuteness Photo: Genki Pup relaxing on the cat pillow – really doesn’t fit but still cute. She had a hard day of sitting around the house and looking cute.