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Traveling around so much we are thankful to see the sights and sounds of the last two seasons.  As I have always loved traveling and should have become a travel photo journalist, my interests have always been to eat good food, meet unique characters along the way and of course experience all that the world has to offer me.  These last few months have been extremely difficult as we go through a moment of sabbatical but seeing as we planned heavily beforehand, we are thankful we can enjoy major events and also some of the lesser viewed experiences of the world.  Sometimes it just takes nature to run its course while we as humans get out of bed to enjoy these natural occurrences.  Today I would like to share with you the wondrous world of morning fog that is very common on cooler mornings in Michigan.  For those of you whom live in dry climates, I thought you might like to see what we see quite often these days.

Isn’t the fog gorgeous?  For some reason on my side the video appears to be a bit grainy, does anyone else see that too or is it just on my side?  The original videos were perfect so not sure what happened.  Sorry, I’m trying to get used to editing videos for YouTube – hopefully soon I will figure out all the bells and whistles.