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Fog coming sitting over the lake as we drank our coffee on the docks. Depending on the wind, this fog can swirl, flow straight or just sit with a peaceful bliss.

There are so many things that I want to share with you about Michigan in the Summer time.  It is a blessing to be here this summer re-living our childhood in this gorgeous glacier created state once again.  We have lived so far away for so long, it is nice to see familiar faces and familiar surroundings for one last time in entirety.  A sabbatical to ones’ roots is sometimes what one needs to reboot on life and remind ones’ self what is truly important in life.  Here are just a few of the things we are loving right now:

Maybe not as wild as he would like to believe, Wild Bill is an adorable cat of my best friends here in Michigan. He’s a true work of nature.  He also adores getting his photo taken – he actually ran across the room and did this pose right in front of the camera as I was taking photos of my friends baby.

Walking outside my in-laws house the neighborhood cat greeted me from the roof. So funny! He was very proud of himself for getting up there until the moment he found out we weren’t going up to join him in his adventure. He’s a people type of cat.

Genki cat working hard on her tan while sitting in the sunshine and laying on her pesky ballerina mouse toy. She’s doing her best impression of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Interesting spot to take a nap (on heat pump) – or was it so he could see me through the window? Since we are visiting with Genki Cat, he’s not allowed to come indoors. He is a stray and has to be fixed still but won’t be done until we have gone. I always feel so bad for him having to sit outside – but then again he has done it for two years now so I think he’s used to it.

Cedar Wax Wing baby bird that we found just before our morning run on sunday. We think he/she might have been getting instructions from the mother how to fly but was left alone. Not the best place considering there are three cats that roam the same area. We saved him from the direct location and from the prying paws of one of the cats and got him into a tree.

Genki Husband delicately carrying the bird to a tree save from all the cats. Note he was in running clothes and it was very early. 🙂 Such a kind heart. The bird got into the tree okay and a few hours later we think it finally got together with his/her mother. No cats were allowed around it.

Onions hanging to dry at Corey Lake Orchards in Michigan.  Apparently this helps dry (cure) the onions to be stored throughout the winter.  These will be done when the roots are dry and the outside skins crinkle.

Tomatoes ready for sale at the farmers market. Yum! Can you also see the tomato sauce and salads coming out of these?

Sunflower grabbing everyone’s attention with the bright hues of yellow. Just love these flowers!

Storms coming over the lake in late summer. We sat outside and watched this happen – slight rain sprinkle but nothing else. So dramatic it makes your head want to dunk seeing as the clouds were so low!

Another image of the storms at a different point in the storms rolling through. I love thunderstorms of any sort – it’s one thing we would miss if we lived in a place of drought.

Of course after a storm there is always a rainbow.

Those are just a few things that are keeping our spirits up right now around us in Michigan.  Sometimes we have to take the cues from nature to make ourselves happy and content.  What makes you happy?