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As many of you already know we went to the Highland Games this last weekend to see one of our friends perform.  While I want to keep his identity private, I did want to share some of the events with all of you.  Genki Husband and I are large ‘band geeks’ so we enjoyed the opportunity to not only watch the manly sports events but also listen to the recreational Kalamazoo Pipe Band.  It is recreational so it’s not the same as the bands one might have seen during the recent competitions over in Scotland but nonetheless exciting.  These performers put their hearts and souls into the music and the trade of the instruments.  Whenever someone does such a thing, it is heartwarming and worth the extra time to encourage and delight in his/her hard work.  We had a lovely time and can’t wait to tour around and see more in the years to come.  Enjoy!

Those were two of my videos and then two of other participants at the Highland Games 2014.  It was a tiny but great event, I would highly suggest it for everyone in the nearest area next year.

Here are a few videos of competition pipe bands just if you were wondering what the difference was between recreational and competition.