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Traveling again to Kalamazoo, Michigan to see the Scotland Highland Games.  One of our friends is a clan member (doesn’t that sound strange to say in today’s society?) so we went to watch him perform in this annual event.  Even though I’m 100% German, Genki Husband has a wee bit o’Scottish in him so we love to attend these games whenever possible.  To add a friend performing is all the better reason to attend this event.

It’s a small event but there is information for anyone to seek out their family heritage through all the clan booths. If anything it is fun to believe you are in Scotland for a day. Unfortunately vegan food was not on the menu. Maybe I should have shared my Vegan Scottish Recipes with them? hmmmm

The Kalamazoo Pipe Band is a lovely group of performers looking to seek traditional music from Scotland and Ireland. They are not a competition pipe band, rather recreational, but sometimes that’s what is important. I love watching and listening to people perform what they love to do – it’s more meaningful. Videos Coming Soon on Genki Kitty Website!!

Weight over the bar = Weight for Height Game.

No idea how these men do this game. Seems like I would either pull something tossing the weight in the air or have it come tumbling down on me.

Caber Toss Game. Basically a person balances this caber (like a large telephone pole) and goes to flip it in the air and back on to the ground. The larger end should hit the ground first before flipping over. The entire process of carrying, running and flipping over the caper should be done in a straight line and thus is judged by accuracy if completed at all.

The player should keep the toss straight ahead at all times.

The Caber should then flip over the larger end first and also in a straight line. Sounds much easier than it looks. The caber should then land in a straight line from the player. A new friend from the games told us the caber toss game is thought to have been started when the men were going to war and they needed to go over a river where there were no bridges. The Scottish men would then have to toss a tree across the river in a straight line to get across.

We finally made it home in time to catch a gorgeous sight over the lake once again. It’s going to be hard to leave this gorgeous place – we hope our new place will have these sunsets too.

Note:  All the photos were taken on my DSLR however seeing as they are uploaded onto the website, I have to compress them to fit under the restrictions for photos.  They are a bit smaller and grainier than normal and for that I apologize.  Hopefully you all can get a good idea of the games and the beauty within all of them.