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There is nothing I appreciate and adore more than vegans connecting together online and in person to spread the joy of finding accidentally vegan products in everyday stores.  Lately I have been reading on Oh She Cooks website about vegan products she has been finding in her local Dollar Tree Store.  Unfortunately I do not believe there is a store right near our house but since we were traveling again we decided to check out what products were available in one of them.  To tell you the truth, I wanted to check out the vegan mayo which costs $1!  Seriously I had no idea there were so many things sold in these stores, if you have one nearby go have a look and have a tiny adventure!  See below:

The vegan mayo that I wanted to test out since it was only $1!!! Never in my mind did I think vegan mayo would sell for this low of a price. It is a small plastic container but for the price no one is complaining (at least not me). Thankfully the taste is very similar to real egg mayo. I had my mother-in-law test it out and she couldn’t tell the difference. Yay! I want to buy the whole store out of this stuff but unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in our car. This is a must try!  (Comes from San Fran, CA)

Last week when we went to Trader Joe’s we heard there were no peanut butter pretzels since the pb was contaminated or “not up to TJ’s standards” so we left empty handed. We had to test this one out instead which is again $1. These were pretty good, not as good as TJ’s but they were an okay substitute for our immediate needs. These are a bit salty and the pb is not as tasty as TJ’s.

No idea how this vegan soy milk taste however it was available. There were a few different kinds but all from West Soy.  These range for double the price in the normal grocery store so it’s a great option if you want to save money and want soy milk. Us, well, we will stick to Almond milk.

I’ve had these before but I didn’t know they were vegan (before going vegan). These are individually wrapped so they can be placed in a bento (lunch bag) without any issues. Again, $1!

Sugar in the Raw is something I really adore. I’ve heard there is no real difference between the nutritional facts for white sugar and brown but I do love the taste of more natural occurring molasses in the sugar. To me it tastes less sweet, in a good way.

Fig Newtons are not vegan. Fig Newmans are vegan. These Daddy Ray’s are also vegan – although I didn’t purchase so I have no idea on the taste. It states real fruit is used but then it is also processed but it is an option if you like fig newtons. Again, $1!

Similar to Oreo’s however these are $1 and vegan. We didn’t purchase these but found they were a great price compared to Oreo’s which go from around $2.98 on sale to $4.98 in the regular stores. These are $1!

This is another option that we didn’t try (since I don’t like them) but I know there are some of you out there looking for these veganized. These are again $1.

There are so many more options out there in the Dollar Tree Stores.  We are not much for junk food such as the processed cookies and etc but we did find the just Mayo and PB pretzels to be great alternatives.  Sometimes being vegan can be a bit costly so when we find something that can save us money, why not?  Additionally if you aren’t vegan, you can test these products out without feeling like you have to break your weekly budget just to test out being vegan.

Have you been to a Dollar Tree?  Found any great Vegan Finds?