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There are a few different photos I wanted to share with you from Genki Husband’s cell phone.  Although it suggests how lazy I am at times, I do in fact ask to use his cell instead of mine at times because I don’t want to unzip my purse.  (Nope, not joking.)  So here are a few more photos of our recent trip to Chicago, Illinois, USA for a day of adventure.

Honest beauty products found in Whole Foods Market now! I’ve never tried this brand because I wasn’t about to order beauty products from the internet without smelling them. So I was thrilled to find them in W.H.M. I have fallen in love with this Honest Conditioner Detangler – does a good job and makes your hair smell wonderful!

Coffee maker we found in Whole Foods Market in Chicago, IL, USA. We are thinking about getting this since it seems like a fun way to make coffee in front of guests. Anyone have this or something similar?

Mitsuwa Japanese market in Chicago, IL, USA has a wonderful selection of bentos. This had ‘egg sushi’ but if you take that out, it is vegan!  Note:   The other restaurants in the store all take cash only – these bentos are purchased at the normal register which you can use debit or credit.

Mitsuwa Japanese store in Chicago, IL, USA has a few options for vegans. This is our find (minus the blueberries). The sandwich is actually a croquette sandwich made from bread and potatoes – the ingredients did not state any animal products or bi-products. The triangles are called o’nigiri (rice balls) which we purchased ume (pickled plum).

Storms were coming in over the city….

Cheesecake Factory in Chicago, IL, USA can accommodate to just about any dietary needs. This pasta dish is vegan – made from the normal menu without cheese. This is what Genki Husand ordered (we normally share two entrees to try more entrees). This is an eggplant pasta which was really good but I would suggest ordering with a reduction in oil.

That’s the end of our last trip to Chicago – we didn’t take many photos as described in the first post.  Hopefully we took enough to peak your interest in going to Chicago, IL as a vegan someday.  There are many things to do inside and outside, one just has to plan ahead and make sure to work out traffic.