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It’s late summer here in Michigan and that can only mean one thing – the harvest has begun!  Right now zucchini, sweet corn (non-GMO), tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, a few apples and etc are waiting for you at your local farmers market.  Here’s what we have been tossing together with fresh produce from our local farmers market.

As of late, there are tons of zucchini’s available for consumption in Michigan. It is the crop of choice right now – so basically everyone has an abundance and can’t seem to get rid of it fast enough. Life is good for us zucchini lovers though. Normally I make a few loaves and place them in the freezer for the winter months. Unfortunately this year we are traveling around so we will not have the chance but if you are stationary, I would highly suggest it. The original recipe for the zucchini bread is HERE.  (I’ll share the vegan version in another post.)

Another recipe I found on Pinterest that we were impressed with even though it was simple and to the point. This utilizes a lot of fresh produce that many of you probably have in stock from your own personal farm. It’s really easy to put together and have on the dining table in 10 minutes or less. I think it would be perfect for BBQ parties too – just add some chips on the side for dipping.  Note: If you can see past my terribly fuzzy photo, you can tell I didn’t use the cherry tomatoes but a regular heirloom one since it’s what was available and in season.  Less eye appeal but same great flavor: The original recipe is HERE.

Roasted Tomato Salsa made from all fresh ingredients from the farmers’ market and our neighbors tomato plant (with permission of course). It’s funny in Michigan when you help neighbors out in the country, they give you fresh produce. Guess that’s the traditional way and we aren’t complaining. This was a bit more runny but it was delicious and perfect for chip dipping. The recipe made a ton and we ended up taking some of the homemade dip to our neighbors as we all went for a boat ride on the lake. Sharing is caring – especially when it’s homemade vegan goodies. Mmmmmm  The original recipe is from a new website I found on Pinterest lately found here.  It’s soooo delicious!  Warning, it makes a ton!  We like our chunky but you can make yours more creamy if you prefer.  Genki Husband wasn’t sure about the spice factor so we went a bit more bland – I’ll share later.

Potato, scrambled tofu and vegan sausage buddha bowl for breakfast. Some mornings we want something super hearty for breakfast and that’s when we normally pull out the tofu and potatoes. It was that kind of morning for this meal. We dry baked the chopped potato, tossed in scrambled tofu with red pepper, tomato and a bit of sauteed vegan sausage. Delicious!

This is another dish that I tossed together with a ton of fresh in season vegetables from our local farmers market. It had regular Japanese ramen noodles (vegan approved), carrot, onion, pepper, cabbage, wakame and some soy sauce, sugar and oil. Nothing special since Japanese sauces aren’t easy to come by around here. This was okay but not up to my tastebuds to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t make it again.

We devoured his pasta dish the other night. It was inspired by what we had left in the fridge and the pasta in the cabinet. It contains cabbage, carrots, onion, dill, vegan ground sausage and some ground black pepper. Super simple but super tasty!

We are still working through the cabbage we bought the other day (so far we have made about 6 dishes in total with it I believe). This was sliced onion, sliced cabbage, a drizzle of reduced sodium soy sauce and some celery salt. So delicious! We wanted more right afterwards.

Those are just a few of the meals we have been eating lately.  I have some heartier recipes and meals we have had in the last few days to add later but for now I thought I would get you all to drool over these and maybe inspire you all for dinner.  It’d be so easy just to stop by your local farmer and pick up a few things for dinner tonight wouldn’t it?