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Yep, we’re still in the country as you can tell.  We have a few more weeks so we as expected we are taking in the sights and just enjoying nature in beautiful Michigan countryside.  There really is no place like it.  Have you been to the state of Michigan, USA?  If not I highly recommend it (especially before the snow comes).  Come on over!  Here’s a few things that I have been enjoying lately.

This is another marsh we see while out on our runs (see this blog for previous locations). In the winter it looks like a field of snow, spring/fall like a pond and in the summer a field of green vegetation. Such a unique sight to see. We love watching the geese and swans enjoying the cool waters in this area.

One-of-a-kind entrance to a house driveway in the country in Michigan. We didn’t meet the owners so I had to take off the entire name but I think you can get the idea of the entrance. Such a natural way to invite people to your house in the country. The road crosses over a stream right next to a waterfall that is right on their land. It sounds so wonderful as we run past it just about every day.

Our run through the countryside – the trees are positioned around the road it feels as though it is an entrance in our health and peaceful surroundings.

After you get past the trees the countryside opens up in this natural wonder land. Besides a few cars, the roads are normally empty and we get to enjoy the sounds of nature and the relaxing views of wildlife in its’ element.

Lily Pads in the water – you can even see a lily flower. These are protected in Michigan though, no touching or picking.

Cattails that we run past each day. These are protected in Michigan though, so no touching or removing.

Tons and tons of daisies are in bloom in Michigan right now. They line just about every road in the country. Doesn’t it make you want to sing? (or is that just me?) “daisy, daisy, give me your answer to… I’m half crazy all for the love of you”

Love seeing all the gorgeous colors while running outside in Michigan.

Sassafras leaf in Michigan. Sassafras tea anyone? (This type of tea is actually Root Beer but for some reason we called it tea many, many years before my time.) This is actually native and is essential to animals like deer and rabbits for food throughout the seasons.

Wild sumac tree. These are natural to this area. The red has been used for dye throughout the years and also for medieval medicinal purposes. Americans don’t really use it for anything anymore, nor do most people know what it is called. We know this plant because we use it on top of homemade hummus, learned it from our Jordanian friends. Be careful though, it can be poisonous.

Another day another sunset = how gorgeous is this sunset?! It’s moving just to look at each night.

What do your runs look like?  I would love to see the areas all of you run outside.