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Recently our weather has been very sporadic in Michigan, USA (thanks to climate change) and our days here are filled with hot weather then freezing cold.  It’s always a guessing game but at least we can be thankful we aren’t getting snow or anything of the sort right now.  Give it a day, maybe it will happen – who knows?!  So Genki Husband and I went on another trip to a natural preserve and walked along the country roads nearby to just take in the beauty that the area has to offer before we move.  It’s amazing how much we miss by driving in a car instead of walking.  Try it out, walk a road you normally drive on everyday – you will see how much you are missing by not walking.  Let me know how it goes – or better yet send photos!!!  I love hearing from each and every one of you Genki Friends.

(Note:  I took these on my Canon 60D, hence, I had to compress the photos to upload.  So, the photos are smaller than normal, sorry about the inconvenience.)

This is actually all water – these are ‘swamp’ plants. Looks just like a field of green. Sometimes one can see a swan or other bird fly into the area but normally it is quiet with birds just flying overhead.

Michigan cattails – these are protected in Michigan and a few other states so one must look and not touch.

Vine that is gorgeous upon appearance but a rather big problem for other plants/trees in the area. These vines rap around other plants/trees and choke them until nothing is left but the vine. It’s very unfortunately this vine is growing here and taking over since this is a natural preserve.

Another wildflower but I’m unsure of the name. When I was young I remember pulling each piece off and biting the juices out of the flower. It’s very sweet – I can understand why bees love flowers so much.

These are very popular around here and run wild in Michigan. These I believe are among the pea family but I could be wrong. (wildflowers)

Michigan praying mantis – he was very friendly and didn’t mind me taking photos up close. Normally these will try to hide away from people but he came up to us instead.

This wildflower always reminds me of a pink pineapple.

Yellow flower that looks like a Chinese Dragon mouth.

This is a closeup of the yellow flowers in the above photo. These look so much like “dragon mouth” (I think that’s the name) which is a native flower from China. These are naturally grown alongside the roads here in Michigan. So gorgeous! Anyone know what these are?

This is an area we run near just about every single day. It has a natural stream that goes straight through a large section of farm. It rolls faster than a river at times, especially at times of moderate to large rainfall.

A section of marsh land that we run near just about every single day. Many of the times we will come across swans, herons, geese, beavers and etc during our runs.

Since Michigan, USA has a lot of cold weather months, there are a lot of car enthusiasts whom own older cars in perfect condition. This is mainly due to the fact cars such as this are not to be driven on the slippery roads. So in the summer, the cars come out in large amounts.

So that was our adventure in a nutshell.  We took about an hour just walking around the country roads and observing things around us that are not normally seen from a car window.  There are so many amazing things out there in the wild that we do not know about but should pay attention because in such as with cattails, they may not be here in 5-10 years.

Word of caution though, many people in farming districts are not used to people walking alongside the streets so it is advised to walk against the traffic when possible to watch for traffic.  Please do not assume everyone will get over when you are walking, nor will each person be paying attention.  Walk with caution.