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Yep, they’re in season too!  Hooray!  Seasonable recipes are just so enticing to me, I can’t get enough seasonal produce.  (And it’s not just because our farmers’ market has homemade apple cider slushies.)  Zucchini has definitely been showcased on our table lately, tomatoes are close in line though.  See Zucchini Recipes Here.  They are very useful to have just sitting around in the kitchen starring you down whenever you enter the room.  You know the look, “why haven’t you eaten me yet – eat me now!!!”  Everyone’s tomatoes stare their down right?  So if your’s are doing that right now, look below to create a beautiful seasonal dish.

Corn, Avocado & Tomato Salad.  Look how delicious this looks! I make this all the time but most of the time does not contain avocado. It’s a great side dish or delish on a bed of organic greens.  We had this the other day and it is so very cooling on a hot summer day.  Thankfully it gets better as it sits marinating in the fridge overnight so it’s perfect for a summer picnic or party with friends.

Vegan Spaghetti Squash and Black Bean Mexican Bowl. There are so many ways to make this dish – I have my own version too. Test out other recipes and then maybe you will come up with your own version too. So simple and easy.

Zucchini noodles with basil balsamic marinated tomatoes

Mango, Tomato, and Avocado Salad

Summer tomato tart with zucchini hummus & sun-dried tomato crust.


Stuffed Tomatoes with Peaches, Corn, Cucumbers, and Basil

Chickpea, Quinoa, and Tomato Soup

Vegan Roasted Tomato Soup

There are so many tomato recipes out there on the internet and in cookbooks that one should never tire of them in the summer months.  Even if you are in the Southern Hemisphere you can still have homemade meals with canned or if possible fresh tomatoes.  Enjoy the small things in life and it can make a big difference.  Some of my own personal recipes that you might enjoy are:

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Genki Kitty’s Italian Chickenless Tomato Pasta


What’s your favorite way to prepare tomatoes in the summer months?