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Good Morning Everyone!  Cuppa on me

Happy Tuesday Genki Friends!  Hopefully all of you had a wonderful weekend and are well into your week already.  It’s always nice to have a weekend, especially gorgeous ones you can get outside as much as possible.  That’s just what we did this weekend – get out as much as possible.  Not sure if I mentioned it just yet but Genki Husband and I are back on the training program for running.  We did take a few weeks off the last two weeks because stress was just getting to us so we continued on with walking longer distances and more frequently.  Sometimes one just has to listen to his/her bodies to learn the keys to when to train and when to just get in that heart-pumping fitness.  Genki Pup doesn’t mind though, she gets more walks in than normal.  So that’s what we did, run, walk Genki pup, boat on the lake and sit out in the sunshine.  I’m not going to lie, there was also some BBQ’ing going on too.  Oh the life in Michigan on the lake.

Fruit is very seasonal in the upper states of America so when we can get them fresh, we buy in bulk and eat as much as possible. Right now blueberries are in season so that’s what we have been hoarding as much as possible in our kitchen. Additionally you can find fresh peaches, nectarines, pluouts (very popular this year) and a few other varies fruits less well-known. It’s a great place to be when in the summer. This is a favorite recipe of ours that includes 2 ripe bananas made into a smoothie blended with water (no preservatives). Then we add a bunch of chopped fruit on top.

Genki Husband went a little farther with his breakfast and had a little granola crunch to his bowl.

Remember the cabbage we purchased the other day? It has been serving us quite well with about four meals to date. There’s still about 1/2 a head of cabbage left. Yay for summer produce! This was something I whipped together with the cabbage and garlic we had sitting around the house.

Tomatoes are in full swing right now in Michigan so we are taking advantage and making Salsa Rioja. Unfortunately the prices haven’t gone down just yet but there is an abundance. We even saw our neighbor lay some out for people to pick up for free – very common here. (We leave it for people that could make use of free food.)

I loosely chopped the ingredients (minus cilantro) and roasted. Then I gave it a whirl in the food processor to make the salsa. So delicious!!!! This was a recipe I found on Pinterest – original recipe.

My father-in-law just finished campaigning for a political seat so we wanted to take him out for a congratulatory meal. We let him choose and unfortunately he chose a Chinese Buffet Restaurant in our small little town. Normally I would jump at Chinese food (not a buffet!) but in a small town, things are too Americanized for my Asian tastebuds. After living in Asian, one looses those Americanized tastebuds…. It was extremely hard finding anything that was vegan or even vegetarian in this restaurant. We found handmade sushi (which I watched the guy do to assure it was vegan) made from avocado, rice, cucumber and seaweed laver. (Genki Husband and I shared them) I also added wasabi and ginger to the plate. Then I went for broccoli which had a sauce on it that I believe was not 100% vegan but I scrapped it off – there were no steamed vegetables. What?! Then 2 onion rings that ended up staying on the plate as they were not made for consumption and an eggroll. Let’s talk about this ‘eggroll’ and the idea of an Americanized version of Chinese food. Eggrolls normally are made from shredded vegetables and sometimes meat. Although it was not clearly labeled I found out it was made from steak and American cheese. Gasp! Yep, it all ended up in my napkin and the garbage. Who has heard of steak and cheese eggrolls?

Second attempt plate: two french fries that kept on the plate because they were cold. (By this time I was hungry and wanted something else…) two pieces of vegan approved sushi, hiyahi wakame (seaweed salad made with agar agar), and two different noodle dishes (picked out egg pieces).

English Muffin bread recipe that I found on (of course- you can roll your eyes ha-ha) Pinterest. Does anyone else use Pinterest for recipes all the time? I’m addicted! Original Recipe.

All ready to have for breakfast. (Okay so maybe we ate this before breakfast…ha-ha Okay, okay, we ate half before the next morning for breakfast.) This is an instant favorite! Delicious!!!! Original Recipe turned vegan…

A photo I forgot to post the other day but had to because of the gorgeous roses outside of BK. This is a small Michigan town so there aren’t many choices but we had a frozen lemonade and some french fries (anyone know what type of oil they use?).

Hours before the sun is about to set we get to enjoy a gorgeous color show in the sky. We love boating around and just enjoying the purple/pink hues encircling us. There’s nothing like summer in Michigan. By the way, if you’ve never been to Michigan in the summer, the days are hot and the nights are cool. It’s a perfect combination. (FYI, that’s grass on my feet from the water sprinklers on the lawn.)

We’ve been spending a lot of time with friends lately so we have been taking later Genki Pup walks than normal. We really don’t mind though seeing as this is the view we get to see each and every night. In the summer the sky is generally purple and pink. In the spring, the sky is pink and orange. Who knew Mother Nature was such an artist? The wonderful world we live in thanks to God.

Genki Pup and Genki Cat doing something they do best – beg! (Even though they don’t get any…) How do they know they want it?

How was your weekend?