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Lake life in michigan includes eating cold watermelon next to the hot bonfire. This is normal right?

We use the PPK waffle recipe and then add different flavors. This time we added a little maple syrup extract to a few, cinnamon, blueberries and so on. We add the toppings right into the batter as it goes into the waffle iron so that we can have different types during the breakfast meal. We also had Indiana watermelon and Michigan blueberries which are both in season right now.

Grocery haul from the store and also the farmers’ market. Not everything can be purchased at the small farmers market that we go to so we do supplement with store bought things. This is for an entire week plus a few.  The two things to the left are kale and vegan approved english muffins.  Note:  Sprouted tofu was on sale so we bought two instead of our normal one per week.

Grocery Haul part 2. Most of this was from the farmers’ market.

Cabbage!!!! Gorgeous and as big as our cat and dog! Farmers’ markets are the best. This was only $2! It’s hard to see the size but let me just tell you we are going to be eating cabbage for weeks! It was hard to carry it and see at the same time.

Chez Casserole made vegan style. So delicious we devoured it and have planned to make it again. mmmmm

A closeup of the dish.

Michigan house that was made with a tree growing out of it. Looks like a hobbit house. When we were younger the tree was growing out of the front of the house but since then it has been trimmed and it now looks like it is in the front of it.

Did I mention we started our 1/2 marathon training plan? Let’s go run! I love running on super hot days for some reason. Anyone know of selfie classes though? Never can take them, I’m so sorry. ha-ha I try and try but I always looks out of proportion or like someone that belongs in the traveling carnival. ^_^

This is my favorite after run snack – raspberries and blueberries. Normally I will go for a run and then come home, shower and eat something with water directly afterwards. I’m not the type of person that can workout and then eat right away. Water even makes my stomach churn most of the time while running so I have to wait until I return. After eating these I normally make dinner for Genki Husband and me. Genki Husband will eat this and have a protein smoothie.

In a small town you sometimes have to do things like this once and a while to get out of the house and have free wi-fi. This was a frozen lemonade which I was told does not contain any dairy and some french fries. I actually had to talk to two staff members at BK because the first one acted like she wasn’t sure if the smoothie had dairy or not but just said “it’s okay”. So to help you out: the smoothies are made with yogurt except the lemonade and the orange frozen drinks. It’s a bit thick for some reason though- not sure why… (And yes we stopped by to get a African Autumn Tea from Biggby coffee too- the place smelled so strong like hazelnut though I had to leave since I’m allergic- so no wi-fi.)

Sun setting and everything was purple on one 1/2 of the lake and pink on the other – very weird but gorgeous!

More bonfires, just love sitting out with family and friends enjoying the crackle of the fire.

Have you ever seen a powered parachute? This is someone that lives off the lake and goes buzzing around every once and a while. These were very popular when I was in high school and college.

Since our bodies need energy within 30 minutes of doing a workout, what is your favorite post-workout food?